Vote For The Tuff Golem in Minecraft For Mob Vote 2022

The Mob Vote 2022 is just around the corner. The Tuff Golem was just revealed as the third mob and it is a strong contender for this one. Make sure to check him out here.

tuff golem minecraft mob
7/10/2022 | The new contender of Mob Vote 2022 – Tuff Golem in Minecraft | Credits: Mojang Studios

Currently, there are 3 mobs that are the contenders of Mob Vote 2022. We will discuss a bit about the Mob Vote and then move on to the details of the Tuff Golem. Alternatively, you can skip to the Tuff Golem part. As we have previously covered about the Sniffer we are going to talk about the Tuff Golem in Minecraft, what does it do, and why he should be chosen in this Mob Vote 2022.

What is the Mob Vote 2022 in Minecraft?

mob vote 2022 in minecraft
7/10/2022 | Minecraft’s Mob Vote in 2022 will be having the above 3 mobs available for voting | Credits: YouTube

Mob Votes are a way for Minecraft to bring back the dead mobs that are no longer in the game. But it all depends on the consensus. The core of Minecraft is the players that play it. And hence the decision is left to players like us. The voting is scheduled for Oct 14, 2022, at noon EDT. You’ll be able to vote for either of the 3 mobs including – the sniffer, the tuff golem, and, the rascal.

Yes, if you know about the previous Mob Votes they used to happen on Twitter itself. But Mojang has now realized that Twitter is only accessible to the players that use it. So, they want us to vote from an individual Microsoft account. Or you can simply vote on their official website. Apart from that, you’ll also be able to vote from the Bedrock Edition server where there will be a voting system of sorts.

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What is the Tuff Golem in Minecraft?

tuff golem
7/10/2022 | Tuff Golem spotted previously in one of the episodes | Credits: Mojang Studios

The Tuff Golem will be available in Minecraft if you vote for it during the Livestream of Minecraft Mob Vote 2022. This mob has a new concept of building it. Yes, you heard us right. According to Minecraft, this is a mob “in the statue state that moves”. It can pick up all the items lying around if no one is holding them.

What Does The Tuff Golem do in Minecraft?

The Tuff golem is something like the snow, copper or the iron golems that already exist. They can be built up. The Tuff Golem will also have a clothing component to it; if you add a piece of clothing while making it, it will come out with that clothing. These mobs can move around as they wish and collect items as if turning on and off their statue state. He might help you to collect stuff up as you fight against the monster Blaze.

Mojang also added a Tuff underground block (like the end city) in the update 1.17 and left it there for no reason. And this is what makes the mob a strong contender for this Mob Vote. But will it be able to carry all the things lying around or just some particular ones? Food for your thoughts. Make sure to leave a review in the comments below about the Tuff Golem in Minecraft.

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