Minecraft Pocket Edition APK Download 0.16.0

Minecraft Pocket Edition APK Download
28/03/2023/ Minecraft Pocket Edition APK Download / Credits – Mojang Studio

In August 2011, Mojang Studios initially made the Android platform available for the mobile version of Minecraft. Originally known as Minecraft Pocket Edition, the developer has since chosen to group all non-Java versions for consoles, tablets, and mobile devices under the Bedrock edition.

You cannot obtain an APK link for Minecraft because it is a paid game available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Nevertheless, it is possible to download the free Minecraft APK for the Education edition and the trial edition. Be wary of websites that offer you a link to download the Minecraft Bedrock Version for free; they may damage your device or even steal your personal information without your knowledge.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition APK Download

You can get the XAPK through mirror websites such as APK Pure or APK Mirror as the APK file for Minecraft Education isn’t available on the Play Store. Find the Minecraft Education XAPK file on your computer after downloading it.

  • Change the XAPK file extension to ZIP.
  • This file may be unzipped in any system location.
  • The extracted folder will include an APK file, an Android folder, and a PNG file.
  • When you open the Android folder, there ought to be another folder within. Transfer the OBB folder to the internal storage location for Android.

If you successfully download the APK but are unable to install the game on your smartphone, use the following actions:

  • Choose Settings > Security.
  • Choose “Unknown sources” from the menu.
  • On the prompt message, press OK.
  • Choose “Trust.”
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You may search for “unknown sources” and browse to the option to activate it. Certain devices could have slightly different menus. This enables you to download and install any APK files from the internet.

Return to the extracted folder after that, then press the APK file to complete a standard installation. If asked, allow the file manager to install programs from untrusted sources.

What’s New in Minecraft Version 0.16.0

We’re releasing the initial version of Add-Ons so you can start customizing the appearance and behaviour of your game. Visit minecraft.net/addons for additional information and to test out some free samples. The Wither is one of the most vicious hordes ever created!

  • You may adjust the game’s settings using slash commands, such as changing the time of day or summoning monsters.
  • Elder guardians with laser guns!
  • Ocean landmarks and the trinkets needed to discover them
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This version is an upgrade to the prior Minecraft Pocket Edition V0.15.0.1; you may play it on Android or with your friends on Windows 10 using the latter.

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