Valorant Holiday Snowfall Skin: Price And Release Dates

Here are all the details about the new bundle skin which released in Valorant.

Valorant Holiday Snowfall Skin
The new bundle will be available in the Valorant store.

Valorant Holiday Snowfall Skin: The Valorant devs have released the next bundle of skins in-game, which will replace the exclusive 2021 Champions skins. Moreover, the snowfall skins are holiday-themed skin with a little 3-D effect embedded in them.

After a long time, Valorant players will be able to get hands-on some cool deluxe edition skins which are not upgradable and are simple skins. Earlier, Nunca Olvidados was the last bundle which was not upgradable. Since then, Radiant Crisis, Megapunk 2.0, and Champions bundle were released to the store.

Valorant Holiday Snowfall Skin: All You Need To Know

The bundle introduces four weapon skins and one melee. Furthermore, after the first look, the skin seemed to be quite similar to previous 3-D skins which Valorant has released earlier in game.

However, these are new deluxe edition skins available for the new holiday season. As mentioned earlier, it will replace the Champions bundle in the store. This means Holiday snowball bundle skin will be available from 14th December in the Valorant store.ย 

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Release Date And Price

Valorant Holiday Snowfall Skin
Melee skin of the Snowfall bundle

As the bundle is deluxe edition, players are not required to spend a big amount of money to buy it. Furthermore, the melee is the most expensive skin in the bundle, which will cost around 2,550 VP. Moreover, individual skins like Phantom can be added to one’s collection by splashing out 1275 Valorant points.

The Valorant Holiday Snowfall bundle skin will cost around 5,100 Valorant points. This means players will be able to unlock all the available weapon skins by spending 5,100 VP.

Here are the skins available in the bundle:

  • Classic
  • Vandal
  • Ares
  • Judgeย 
  • Meleeย 

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Fans And Pro Players Reaction

Winter Wonderland Skin
Winter Wonderland Skin in Valorant

As we mentioned earlier, the skin looks similar to previous Valorant released skins. Moreover, the community of Valorant is not very much pleased with the release of Holiday Snowfall bundle skin as they feel this is very much similar to Valorant’s last release named Winter Wunderland bundle.

However, there are some similarity, but it’s not actually the same.

Sentinels player, Shahzam reacted to the new bundle skin on his stream.

One of the famous Valorant leaker, Mike also dropped his views on this new collection. He said the skins look way better in-game.

So, let’s hope Valorant doesn’t disappoint with the set of their new bundle skins.

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