Radiant Crisis Valorant Bundle: Everything You Need to Know

Radiant Crisis Valorant Bundle: Everything You Need to Know

Radiant Crisis Valorant Bundle, Price, and Release Date: Good news for all Valorant players around the world because they are going to get something new. The game is going to launch a new update known as 3.09 and it’s coming with new in-game items.

On the other hand, I am talking about the new Radiant Valorant Bundle. Moreover, it is going to be quite valuable in the game. Well, Today in this blog post you will learn about the Radiant Crisis 001 Bundle and other related news about it like Price and Release date…

Radiant Crisis Valorant Bundle: Everything You Need to Know

This new in-game item bundle is going to be a Gun and Gun Skin in Valorant. Furthermore, this is also known as Radiant Crisis 001 Bundle and it is part of Episode 3 Act III of the game. This new act or you can say Act III is coming with very new things in the Valorant.Β  For example you will get a New Agent, Battle Pass, and style options along with different bundles.

On the other hand, this Valorant Bundle is going to be different from any other available in-game item in Valorant. Because the Radiant Crisis Valorant Bundle is coming with a Comic Book touch. In other words, the skin of these series guns will have a skin that feels like comic book pages and art.

Other Radiant Bundle Details with Release Date:Β 

As I said earlier, Radiant Crisis Valorant Bundle main attraction is its comic book design. On the other hand, it is not the end of the fun part because there are more good things about this bundle.

This bundle is coming with 5 different types of weapons in Valorant. Moreover, every weapon on this bundle has a Comic Book skin, good for comic books fans. The weapons are going to be a Baseball Bat (melee weapon), Phantom, Spector, and last one is Bucky. Most of the valorant gamers are hyped about Baseball Bat than any other weapon in the bundle.

Finally, What’s the release date of this Radiant Crisis Valorant Bundle? Well, this bundle is release on 2nd November 2021 along with a 3.09 update. Moreover, just after updating the game, these items will be available to their players except for new agents. If you want to know then read this blog about Valornat new character Chamber dealy.

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