How To Claim Art Of Greatness Valorant Champions Card, VCT Spark Spray For Free

Know how to add all these gifts into your Valorant collection.

Art Of Greatness Valorant Champions Card VCT Spark Spray
The new player card in Valorant

Art Of Greatness Valorant Champions Card: The first-ever Champions of Valorant is here, and the game is sending some goodies to all the players. Moreover, apart from the player card, players will need to perform some tasks in order to get the VCT Spark Spray and the Gun buddy, which are exclusive champions editions.

Champions is the biggest tournament of Valorant’s calendar year. Furthermore, to create hype among the gamers, Riot released a song named “Die For You” and an exclusive bundle of skin. Moreover, there are also some free rewards available. So, let’s have a look at these rewards and how to claim them.

Art Of Greatness Valorant Champions Card, VCT Spark Spray, And Gun Buddy Are Free Rewards

Art of Greatness is a Champions exclusive player card, which players will receive directly into their account. According to the game developers, players must have received the player card into their account directly by 23rd November.

Earlier, Valorant used the same method to provide the very famous duality card. At that point, players found it difficult to redeem it because of heavy traffic on the website. So, Valorant gave the player card to all the players. So, you must check your collection section in the game, and you’ll find that the “Art of Greatness” the exclusive Champions card of Valorant is there.

Apart from the art of greatness Valorant Champions player card, there are two more items available that can be claimed for free by players.

How To Get VCT Spark Spray And Gun Buddy For Free

As the name suggests, Spart spray is a spray that can be used in the game. Furthermore, players need to watch the Champions match in order to claim it. 

So, one needs to link their Riot ID with Youtube/Twitch account and then join the live stream. Moreover, there are fours colors; red, peal, purple, and gold available. So, one needs to watch the matches from group stages to semi-finals in order to get hands-on with them.

Watching any of the matches will unlock the spray respectively.

Valorant Champions Card player Champions gun buddy
Get these exclusive cards for free

Also, apart from art of greatness Valorant champions card and spark spray, there is a gun buddy available. Furthermore, it can be claimed by players by watching the final of Valorant champions. So, if you want to claim these items, make sure to perform the tasks mentioned above.

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