Valorant Die For You: Official Theme Song of Champions 2021

Here is all you need to know about the new music video from Riot's Valorant.

Valorant Die For You
Valorant’s first music video

Valorant Die For You: Looks like Riot doesn’t want to be limited at gaming as they are pushing towards the entertainment sector and released a song after dropping Arcane. Moreover, the game developer company previously released the Arcane web series. And now, they have released an animated music video based on Valorant.

The song named “Die For You” is the official theme song for the upcoming tournament Valorant Champions. Valorant Champions is the biggest tournament of the calendar year 2021. So, let’s dive deeper and know more about the song.

Valorant Die For You: All You Need To Know

The video was dropped on the official Youtube channel of Valorant. Furthermore, there are four characters who actually are agents in the game. Sage, Phoenix, and Brimstone look like defenders who have a task to defuse the spike. Moreover, Chamber is holding an Operator and aiming towards them. And all this is happening on the map of Split at B site.

The three defending agents look nervous and are not very much confident about the task. However, there is a backstory that gives a little glimpse of their past. “Die for you” is an animated video song and the first one of Valorant.

First Music Video of Valorant

Valorant Die For You
Grabbitz composed the song

This is the first time Valorant has dropped a music video. Previously, they had a collaboration with Zedd but, that gave a bundle of skin. Now, the collaboration is with Grabbitz. Here are the details about the video:

  • Written by: Grabbitz
  • Produced by: Grabbitz
  • Mixed and Mastered by: Eric J
  • Vocals performed by: Grabbitz

Many of the fans were wondering if Riot will drop a music video for Champions. And, they have given this special gift to all the Valorant fans by releasing “Die for you”

The month of December is gonna be Valorant’s month for sure as there are several things. Apart from Champions, there will be some exclusive skins released for Champions. Furthermore, Arcane season 2 has already been announced.Β Also, according to some rumors, there has been an initiator in development.

So, the song is out now and it is expected that it will play a massive role to boost up the tournament hype. Earlier, Riot has practiced the same kind of technique to create hype among the fans.

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