How to Redeem Valorant Duality Card for Free?

Riot Games are gifting their players a new Duality Card for free in Valorant. Know how to get and redeem the new card.

Redeem Valorant Duality Card
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Riot games have something exciting for their players as they give away a new Card for free. So, how to get and redeem the Valorant Duality Card for free?

Moreover, there are several steps before you you show off your new cards to your friends. And most importantly, you have only 48 hours to redeem the card.

How to Get a Valorant Duality Card?

Redeem Valorant Duality Card for Free

Furthermore, it’s been a year since the game launched and the journey has been smooth for the game so far. Fans love the skins and agent’s regular updates. Moreover, Riot also gives away cool free skins for the users and here we are once again to claim one.

The official Youtube channel of Valorant uploaded a 3-minute video titled ‘DUALITY // Official Lore Cinematic – VALORANT’. Furthermore, in the video, we can see three agents Phoneix, Viper, and Killjoy where they are trying to diffuse a spike. The main purpose of the video was to give a glimpse of the new origin card.

At the VCT Masters Finals between Sentinels and Fnatic, a graphic appeared related to the Duality Card. Moreover, you can get and redeem the Valorant duality card for free but you need to be quick.

How to Redeem a Valorant Duality Card?

There are some simple steps to redeem the code and get a cool Duality Card for free.

1st Step – Visit Redeem PlayValorant Site

2nd Step – Put the code YTILAUD

Currently, the site has crashed and it says ‘503 Service Unavailable‘. Moreover, it will be fixed soon and the players can redeem the Valorant Duality Card for free. However, the offer is only valid for 48 hours and the audience needs to be awake to redeem it.

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