Esports Awards 2021: Location, Date, And List Of Indian Players

Know every detail about the upcoming esports award 2021 here.

Esports Awards 2021
Know the location and date of Esports Awards 2021

Esports Awards 2021: The biggest award of the esports industry is all set to recognize all the people who have done exceptionally well in their respective fields like streaming, esports journalism, or as a player. The award is held annually and all the nominees mark their presence. Last year, the award was held virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since 2020, Indian players have started to appear on the finalist’s chart. The previous year, PUBG Mobile’s renowned player Mortal was nominated for the Mobile player of the year award, along with the famous streamer of the year award. Here is an article to give you all the details about the Esports Award.

Esports Awards 2021: Everything You Need To Know

The award ceremony is divided into a total of six categories:

Community Awards

Esports Awards 2021
Mortal nominated consecutively the second time for the award

It is presented to some of the most notable personalities of the esports community. It has several awards like streamer of the year award, Esports content creator of the year, Esports Mobile game of the year, and a few others.

Mortal a.k.a Naman Mathur will be representing India at the Esports Awards 2021. He is nominated in the Streamer of the year award along with some big names like SummitG and Shroud.

Industry Awards

Wasif Ahmed
Indian esports journalist

The award is mainly given to the people working in the back end of the gaming industry. Moreover, it has awards like Esports Journalist of the year, publisher of the year, and many more.

Wasif Ahmed is an Indian Journalist, nominated for the Esports Journalist award at the Esports Awards 2021.

Creative Awards

As the name suggests, it is to admire the creativity which was shown in the esports industry. Furthermore, it has awards like Video production team of the year and Photographer of the year.

Pro Awards

Esports player Learn

The award is to recognize professional esports players. Esports Mobile player of the year, coach of the year, and many more similar awards are given. In 2020, Mortal was nominated for this award.

Learn an Indian COD mobile player is nominated for the award.

On-Air Talent Awards

The award is given to esports personalities mostly seen on a stage like the analysts and the hosts.

Other than these awards, there is are Colligative Awards at the Esports award 2021.

Esports Awards 2021: Date And Location

Esports Awards 2021
The award will be a live event

Unlike last year, the award show will be held as a live event. Furthermore, it will be held at Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas on November 20, 2021.

Players from other countries or remote will also be able to enjoy the live award show. They can tune into the Twitch channel of Esports Awards where it will be streamed live. It will be exciting to see Mortal, Wasif, and Learn sharing stage with some of the biggest players and content creators from the esports industry.

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