Reasons to Why Ninja Quit Fortnite

Get an overlook on why Ninja quit Fortnite. Major reasons mentioned for Ninja quitting Fortnite. Also get to know if he still plays Fortnite or not at the end.

Ninja Quit Fortnite: The world-famous esports player that took so many titles and competitions to his name unfortunately quit Fortnite. Although, this is not recent he quit it months before the date. We’ll give you reasons why Ninja quits Fortnite and whether he will still play Fortnite or not.

Ninja Fortnite: A Brief Introduction

why did ninja quit fortnite
Ninja Fortnite

Richard Tyler Blevins is a Twitch and YouTube streamer and a professional esports player in Fortnite Battle Royale. Having an annual revenue of over 10 million USD in 2018. Epic also noted his contribution to the community and the content that he created. And this is also when they decided to introduce him as a new Icon Series Skin in Fortnite.

Ninja played a lot of Fortnite back during the last few years. His career in Fortnite starts in 2017. He was, is, and still will be a major esports player for Fortnite. Some of his major achievements include Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am Tournament E3 2018 (Rank 1). And yet Ninja had to quit Fortnite.

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Why Did Ninja Quit Fortnite?

There are many reasons behind this. One of the biggest reasons was because of Stream Snipers in Fortnite. While many have reported this common issue there is very close to no solution for this. There are so many big names that only left Fortnite because of getting stream-sniped. This contributed majorly when Ninja quit Fortnite in February this year.

The list includes Shroud, DrLupo, Ninja, CouRageJD, and Tfue. All of these players were facing the same issues with the game. Once you attain a huge name stream-snipers will always be looking to ruin your games and brag about it. This sport although common and might not seem rational has no solution yet.

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Does Ninja Still Play Fortnite?

does ninja still play fortnite
Ninja Skin in Fortnite

Yes, Ninja still plays Fortnite on regular occasions. However, he is not so consistent with streaming Fortnite. The problem is the same-Stream Snipers. Even so, Ninja still creates content for Fortnite.

In May 2021, he makes his return to the YouTube platform but only as a content creator. He also makes claims to stream content for Fortnite from then on. Hopefully Ninja our favorite content creator will not quit Fortnite this time around and stay consistent with his awesome content.

As he starts playing the game he realizes how far Fortnite has come. And since then he has been releasing content for Battle Royale. Although, it is still not clear if he will be making a return to the competitive or not. But you can at least enjoy the content he creates.

So is Ninja Back to Battle Royale?

Honestly speaking nobody knows if Ninja will be making a return to the hardcore Fortnite gamer he was before. Yet we can ensure that you can expect the Fortnite content from him back soon. We will keep you updated with further news on Ninja who quits Fortnite not long ago, but now is back with the same action. You can also keep following us to get quality content, the latest news, updates for Fortnite.

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