Team SouL Got Disbanded: Confirmed by Mortal on his Live Stream

Team SouL Got Disbanded: By Mortal on his YouTube Live Stream: Naman “Mortal” Mathur is IGL (in-game leader) of one of the most popular and successful BGMI sports teams all over India.

Team SouL Got Disbanded: By Mortal on his YouTube Live Stream: Naman “Mortal” Mathur is IGL (in-game leader) of one of the most popular and successful BGMI sports teams all over India. On his personal YouTube channel, “MortaL” said that the SouL esports team is going to break up in future. It is one of the most shocking news for BGMI esports fans and followers of Team Soul.

Team SouL Disbanded
Logo of SouL: an esports team.

In this blog, you will read about the latest announcement by MortL on his live stream. Moreover, you will also know the reason behind it and why they are going to break up their popular and strong esports team.

Who is Team SouL?

If you are a BGMI esports fan and still do not know who is Team SouL then you are probably living under the rock. But let me give you a short introduction – it is one of the most successful teams which started its journey in 2018 by SouL Mortal.

First, its reputation starts from winning the DreamHack 2018 and other national PUBG Mobile tournaments in India. Moreover, It also participated in international PUBG Mobile tournaments and build a good reputation all around the world. On the other hand, their rosters are also extremely popular among BGMI fans in India. They got millions of followers on their YouTube channel and other social media platforms.

Team SouL Got Disbanded: Reason?

Team Soul Disband
Battle Ground India: Game Poster

Even with a great reputation and game experience, it is going to be break up in future. It’s sad by Mortal himself in his YouTube Live Stream.

The reason behind this is they are not performing well in past matches. New BGMI esports teams are better and have the upper hand in Battle Royal. The second big reason is MortaL and other players of the team like ScoutOP wants to quite competitive gaming and focus on their YouTube channels.

Opinions of other BGMI esports players on Team SouL:

8Bit Thug:

8Bit Thug says “It’s their own matter, I don’t want to interfere in it. But it’s good in some way like it’s different in esports. Every player’s first priority should be their gameplay. If they can improve by breaking up then they should do that”. He also said that Sid is not leaving the team. Moreover, TX can become part of SouL in future.

SouL Viper:

Team Member of SouL says “We are friends, we are not leaving SouL because of any fight or anything like that. The reason for breaking this up is our gameplay is not matching up. Our first priority is to improve our game that’s it.”


Team SouL is going to be break up in future by their leader Mortal. It’s a piece of bad news for their fans and the Indian esports community. On the other hand, there is going to be a Brand New SouL with new or some old players. This news is good in many ways, if they can improve by some little changes then they should be doing that. Your favourite player is not leaving esports!

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