Know Why Mortal Wants to Quit BGMI

The number of hackers in BGMI is increasing day by day. Look what pro players have to say in the current scenario.

Mortal Quit Scout On BGMI Hackers 
Know what pro players have to say on BGMI hackers

Mortal to Quit BGMI?: Recently, many players like Mortal, Mafia, Scout, and Maxtern are facing too many hackers in their match in BGMI. They got irritated and posted a complaint on their social media handles. To know more about it, follow up this article till the end.

Hackers are a huge problem for BGMI as of now. Everyone is using hacks. Krafton has already banned plenty of accounts but this seems endless. The upcoming major tournament BGIS is also getting delayed because of an increasing number of hackers.

Mortal to Quit BGMI? Know His Views on Hackers:

Mafia, Mortal on BGMI hackers
A match where Mortal and his team met hackers

Recently, Mortal shared a tweet on his Twitter Handle. Mortal tweeted, “BGMI classic matches are turning into the home of cheaters. Ruining the fun every 2 out of 5 games making it impossible to stream freely and create content around the game. #BGMICheaters #BGMI”

After this tweet, yesterday he was asked by his teammates to play classic matches instead of scrims. In reply to this, he said that in classic matches instead of facing hackers we would rather play scrims.

8bit Mafia On Increasing Hackers in BGMI:

8bit Mafia is a well-known player of BGMI representing Team 8Bit as a content creator. He had posted some stories about hackers on his Instagram Handle.

His stories on Instagram said

“Types of Hacker/Cheater in BGMI”

“1. Vo jinko khelna kabi aayega nhi aur bots se bhi mar jate hai. Ye Frustrated log hack kr khelge.”

“2. Nibba nibbi vaale. Nibba apni nibbi ko impress krne ke liye hack laga kr khelega jiska F/D 1 bhi nai hota. Babu shona se nai hona”

“3. Ye logo ke paas paisa hai. Paid hackers ko hire krke push karvate hai taaki showoff kr sake high rank ka. Aata inko bhi nahi khelna bs lete rahenge aur hacker marega bas.”

“4. Fir ye jo hackers se frustrate hokr ye bhi hack krna start kr dete hai. Kya hai farak reh gya in sb me?” He added.

Scout On BGMI Hackers 

Scout has faced many hackers in his matches. In his one live stream, a squad of hackers was flying a Dacia. Scout on his live stream said that hackers are ruining the fun of the game and Krafton should ban them.

Maxtern’s Tweet On This Matter

Maxtern recently posted a tweet on his Twitter Handle. It said,”BGMI should buy a rename card so they can be HGMI #hackergroundmobileIndia.”

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