Valorant Roster Of Sentinels Have A Coach Now: Know About Him Here

Finally, after a long wait Sentinels have announced a coach for their Valorant roster. Know here

Valorant Sentinels Coach
Ex-Faze member Rawkus joins Sentinels as Coach

Valorant Sentinels Coach: After so many asked questions about the coach, Sentinel has put a full stop to them as they acquired Rawkus as their coach for Valorant. The former overwatch professional player will join the team ahead of the Valorant Champions which is scheduled in December.

Earlier, Sentinels played all the two Valorant masters held till now. They won the first Valorant masters which were hosted by Iceland and qualified for the Champions. On both occasions, the team competed with a coach but, they have one now. So, here are all the details about the new coach of Sentinel’s Valorant roster, Rawkus.

Who Is Rawkus: New Coach Of Sentinels For Valorant?

Valorant Sentinels Coach
Former Overwatch player Rawkus

Shane “Rawkus” Flaherty is a 27-year old retired Overwatch player. Moreover, he is famous for his spell at Faze clan and Houston Outlaws during his overwatch days where he appeared in Overwatch World Cup 2017, 2018 and won the World Cup in 2019.

He also appeared in the Overwatch League – Inaugural Season, 2019 and 2020 before ending his Overwatch career to start a new one in Valorant. Furthermore, he joined the Valorant roster of Faze clan as Sova main. The team failed to qualify for any of the two masters, failing in the challengers playoff on both occasions.

After the end of NA LCQ, chances of Faze qualifying for Champions have ended and two of the players including Rawkus left the organization. Rawkus will now continue his Valorant career as a coach for Sentinels.

Sentinels were without a coach from the very beginning. There were several questions raised after their elimination at the VCT Masters Berlin. However, team Captain, Shahzam always said that they will hire one when needed. And now, Sentinels have acquired their first coach ahead of Valorant Champions.

What is Champions? 

Valorant champions is the biggest tournament of the year of the game. As of now, every top team has a coach for themselves to give them ideas and be the teams’ brain. And it looks like Sentinels also doesn’t wanna take a risk for the tournament as they decided to go their first Valorant coach.

The Champions is scheduled for December. Sentinels, Envy, and Cloud 9 are teams from North America qualified for the tournament. Sentinels and Envy qualified from the circuit points whereas Cloud 9 blue won the NA Last chance qualifiers to book their seat.

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