Fortnite Infinite Gun Game 2.0: Everything You Need to Know!

Fortnite Infinite Gun Game 2.0
Developer launched Fortnite Infinite Gun Game 2.0 the upgraded version for the players that level up the old Gun Game. | Credit: Fortnite.

In the fun world of Fortnite Creative mode was released earlier in 2018, And that became most popular among the players because it allows them to build imaginary customized maps and modes. This will definitely grab the player’s attention and now there is a launch of Creative 2.0 and UEFN to increase the level of the game. The developer introduced various famous and classic fun genres such as Deathrun, Hide and Seek, Escape Room, and others. Among these one of the famous is Gun Game 

Gun Game: This is a close-combat shooter mode, in-game players have to beat the opponents as speedily as possible after that they can obtain a new weapon with every elimination, so that is the basic information about it. But surely this can’t engross players because it is very similar to the COD gaming mode. Introduction of the Infinite Gun Game 2.0 which attracts players due to its upgraded features and other more exciting things. 

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This article will conclude all the information that you need to know such as Fortnite Infinite Gun Game 2.0 map code and how to play and more details. 

Fortnite Infinite Gun Game 2.0: Introduction

It was created in Creative 2.0, In which players can you all the weapons of Fortnite which is more than 550. This will allow players to explore twelve different arenas which is fantastic. During challenges, if you do not continue to be in the game then this will allow you to auto-save, and next time you will play from the same place where you left it.

Fortnite Infinite Gun Game 2.0 map, To find It players just go to the menu and select it but if they are not wasting their time and don’t want too much discovered then there is a direct option. Open the game on your device,  where on the left side of the Fortnite lobby a search bar displays. Mentioned the Infinite Gun Game 2.0 map UFEN code: 3289-1022-6941. After confirming the code Fortnite in-game mode is changed and now you can enjoy it.

How to play Fortnite Infinite Gun Game 2.0 Map

As you enter the new in-game map where you land on any random location in which players mainly focus on taking out the enemies through guns. This will include endless loops of action weapons and players can engage in different arenas to fight with opponents. It will also provide XP to upgrade your battle Royale pass and fun gameplay experience. 


The most popular Fortnite Infinite Gun Game 2.0 map entices players with its creative and immersive gameplay adventure. This was released after the introduction of Creative 2.0,  as its older version is not that captivating. But this upgrade will surely loved by the players and they will have fun while engaging in the matches. Along with players can explore various maps including arenas which make it more exciting and aching for the players. So go and explore this free-to-play Gun Game or we called it Fun Game.