Tips and Tricks to Survive in The Nether: Basic Guide

Tips and Tricks to Survive in The Nether
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The Minecraft World consists of Three Major Realms or worlds. Those are The Overworld, The Nether, and The End. A player has to visit all three in order to finish the major gameplay. Although the Overworld and the End are comparatively easier. However, The Nether is the Nightmare for most Minecraft Players. Therefore, here are some tips and Tricks to Survive in the Nether.ย 

These tips and tricks are mostly common to the players. However, the players that are new to the game. This will help you a lot. And some tricks might be tricky to use. Make sure to practise them before you enter the Nether. So your chances to perform them at the spot becomes more.

Tips and Tricks to Survive in the Nether

Tip# 1:- Armour

The Nether is a very cruel place for any newcomer. This place doesn’t show anyone any mercy. If you become careless for even one moment. You are a Goner. That is why use Must Consider bringing a Decent Armour in The nether. To top it off. Use the Armour with Fire Protection. And if that is not possible then bring With at least Protection Enchantment.

Trick #1:- Armour

Enchant the Boots with Soul Speed to walk faster on the Soul Sand.

Tip #2:- Using Gold Armour. (Tips and Tricks to Survive in The Nether)

Tips and Tricks to Survive in The NetherWell, you can use any armour. No matter how strong or how weak. All that is a waste if you won’t use at least one piece of armour that is made of gold. It is because of the natives of the Nether; The Piglins. They love gold. And if you aren’t wearing any on you then they will attack you.

Trick #2:- Gold

Make sure to bring at least half a stack of Gold so that you can trade with the Piglins. If your luck is good then you can get Portion of Fire resistance and Ender’s eyes. And even Book of Soul Speed.

Tip #3:- High Saturation Food.

More tips and Tricks to Survive in the Nether are. To bring Food that is of High Saturation. Food is essential to life. But they also help you to regenerate your health. However, if you will use the food that has lower saturation like bread and raw meat or raw vegetables. They will provide less yield and will deplete faster.

Rather than using raw meat or vegetables. Use cooked meat or Golden carrots because they will provide more food and will end much slower than the rest.

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Tips and Tricks to Survive in The Nether


Trick #3:- Food

Bring at least 4 Golden Apples and only use them in an emergency. Also, you can use theย Hoglin as food because they drop pork chops when they die.

Tip #4:- Hoppersย 

Always bring 1 hopper in the Nether. You don’t understand how much they will help you until you use them. This is one of the tips and tricks to survive in the Nether. If you are looting a Chest in the Nether. And If a Piglin is nearby, then they will attack you to open the chest.

Just destroy a block under the chest and place a hopper under it. And now you can easily loot the chest. And the Piglins won’t even notice that you looted the chest.

Trick #4:- Stealing Gold

The Piglins are very possessive regarding their gold. So, make sure that you create some distance and destroy every possible route to reach you when you steal Gold Blocks.

Tip #5:- Extra Obsidians and Flint


These tips and tricks have sure served their purpose because many pro-players use them.

Tips and Tricks to Survive in The Nether


And surely they have saved their lives with it. The last one is to carry extra 12-Obsidians and flint.

This is just a safety precaution. So, that when you get lost in the Nether and can not find your portal. You can create another one. And using the Find and steel, light it up.

Trick #5:- Use Torches

Make sure to use torches to light up the path that you used. It will help you to find your way to your original nether portal easily.

So here are the Tips and Tricks to Survive in the Nether. We hope that you use them and they result in being helpful to you.

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