8 Cool Build Ideas for Your Minecraft Military Base

Minecraft Military BaseMinecraft is a game with endless possibilities. The only thing that is limited here s your imagination. Moreover, there are many themed base builds happening in Minecraft. And one of the famous building themes is Military Base. The Minecraft Military base has recently become very famous in the past few years.

Players all around the world are craving some new ideas. Ideas that they can apply in their own Minecraft Military base. So, here are 8 ideas that you can use to have a great military-themed base in Minecraft. Moreover, these ideas are from BBlock.

8. Shooting Tank in Minecraft Military Base:

Tanks in Minecraft
Tanks in Minecraft

The first thing that one should consider in their Military base is a Tank, of course. A tank is one of the best things that one can build in their base. A tank can be placed in the garages and on the perimeters of your base. Moreover, you can use Observers and Dispensers to create a real-like Tank in your Minecraft Military Base.

Just fill your Dispenser with Fire charges and Shoot!

7. Shooting Range-

Shooting Range
Shooting Range

If you are building a Military base and you didn’t create a Shooting range then you really messed up. Just place some crossbows on the Shooting tables. Then using banners and loom, Create some targets. Place those targets and get busy with your target practice.

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6. Airfield in Minecraft Military Base-

This is another idea that you can use in your base. What is better than an Airfield in your Military base. This idea creates the perfect vibe for that theme that you are planning to achieve. Use black and Yellow Concrete to make the airstrips and Make hangers to store some things like planes and Tanks in it.

5. Military Vehicles:-

The next thing that you can build in your base are some military vehicles. These are perfect to fit in the military theme. Also, you can transport your prisoners and soldiers in these Vehicles. Moreover, they look really cool.

4. Electric Fences:

Well, we see that you created your Minecraft Military Base. However, its security should be a concern to you. So, you can protect your awesome builds from outsiders. Hence you can make Electric Fences around your base. Well, they will act like normal bases but when you will go near them, they will create buzzing sounds that will scare off the intruders.

3. Bomber Planes:-

Bomber Planes
Bomber Planes

This is one of the most famous builds of BBlocks and one of his favorites, too. To top it off, these are flying bomber planes too. He calls it the Red BaronΒ But you can call it whatever you want. Also, you can add a dispenser in front of it to make it a Machine Gun.

2. TNT- Bomber:

One more way you can level up the planes that we discussed above. That you can add a Dispenser filled with TNT. Yes, we know that it sounds awesome. Imagine when you will blow up your friends under it. How cool it will be!

1. Missile Bomber in Minecraft Military Base:-Β 

Another way to spice tyh9ings up With these Bombers is. That you can make them look like they are dropping Missiles on you. Just make a missile design under them so that it looks like it is coming out of the Dispenser.

So here you have the most creative Minecraft Military Base ideas. You can use them to create a cool theme. You can also create some more ideas like these. Moreover, you can watch the video of this talented Creator if you face any problem Building one yourself.

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