Every Villagers in Minecraft: All Jobs Explained

If you are looking for the details about the Villagers in Minecraft, then this is for you.

Villagers in Minecraft
Villagers in Minecraft

Minecraft has new things for you every day. However, there is someone who will stay with you to the end of the game, Which we know will not end. That means their journey with you will never end. Yes, we are talking about Villagers in Minecraft. They are the only NPCs who will be there for you.

Well, all your Minecraft journey is of no sense if you don’t have villagers in it. Villagers play a very crucial role in this Journey. They have a lot of purposes and can do the silly tasks that you are too lazy to do. We will talk about those tasks and the benefits of having Villager in Minecraft. But first:

What are Villagers in Minecraft:

Villagers are Human-Like-NPCs that have certain tasks to do in Minecraft. They can have few purposes in Minecraft. Some of them are really useful, others might not be. They can have different types of looks on the basis of the Biomes they spawn in. However, their main goal in life is to serve you. Well, if you don’t know then, you can trade with villagers in Minecraft and can have awesome items.

Types of Villagers in Minecraft:

There are 13 types of Villagers in Minecraft. Well, 14 to be exact. But the 14th one is not considered by anyone. It is because they are called “Nitwits” in the game. As you see, the other villagers usually have jobs. So, they get up, go to their workplace, do their work, and then sleep like everyone normally does.

However, these “Nitwits” think of themselves as Superior Being. They get up and sleep like everybody. But what they don’t do is a job. To explain it simply, they are unemployed Villagers that roam here and there and basically do nothing rather than taking up the space of useful villagers in Minecraft. You can identify them easily because they wear green cape-like clothes.

If you think that you can get them to have a job by simply placing a Job Block in front of them, then you are mistaken seriously. These “Nitwit” never take a job. However, the simple Non-employed villagers in Minecraft do.

Different Levels of Villagers:

Villagers in Minecraft

Villagers in Minecraft have different levels based on their trading history. The higher their level or rank is the better the trade they give. Moreover, you can increase their level by trading with them. The different levels are:-

  • Novice
  • Apprentice
  • Journeyman
  • Expert
  • Master

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Jobs of Villagers in Minecraft:

Moreover, the rest of the 13 types of villagers are really useful. They have different jobs and you can trade with them for different resources. All the 13 villagers and their Jobs are listed below. However, they are divided into two types:-

Most used Villagers in Minecraft:

  1. Cartographer:- They are one of the most valuable Villagers in Minecraft. You can make a villager into a Cartographer by simply placing a Cartography Table in Front of them. It might take some time but eventually, they will take the job. Then you can trade with them. Cartographer usually gives maps after a certain level of trading.
  2. Cleric:- The Cleric Villager is like a resource factory for you. You can make a Cleric by placing a Brewing Stand near a simple villager. They can give you Redstone, Enderpearls, etc.
  3. Librarian:- Librarians are the far most valuable villagers in Minecraft. Most players sometimes only need Librarians in their whole journey. A Lectern will make a Librarian. They give enchantment books, so they are the best villagers in most players’ opinion.
  4. Farmer:- One of the most important villagers is the Farmer Villagers in Minecraft. Their work block is a Composter. You can trade food items and crops with them.
  5. Fletcher:- Far most the best villagers for trading Emeralds. Their work block is a Fletching Table. Moreover, they literally trade emeralds for sticks, Can you imagine? They trade crossbows, bows, and arrows.

Least Used Villagers:

  1. Stone Mason:- You can make a Stone Mason by placing a Stone Cutter in front of the simple villager. However, they trade for stones in Minecraft. Therefore, this makes them really useful.
  2. Armorer:- You can make an Armourer by placing a Blast Furnace in front of the simple villager. Armorer is really important as they can give enchanted diamond armor after a certain level of trading.
  3. Butcher:- You will need a Smoker to turn a simple villager in Minecraft into a Butcher. They provide meat and leather.
  4. Shepherd:- Shepherd is made by placing Loom in front of the simple villager. They trade Wool, Shears, etc with the players.
  5. Fisherman:- Fisherman is one of the least used villagers in Minecraft. Their work block is a Barrel. They trade enchanted fishing rods, Fishes, etc.
  6. Leatherworker:- Leatherworkers are another villager. Their work block is a Cauldron.
  7. Toolsmith:- Toolsmiths are really helpful. They can give you enchanted tools in Minecraft. Smithing Table is their work block.
  8. Weaponsmith:- They give you Enchanted weapons in Minecraft. Weaponsmiths use the Grindstone as their work block. However, use the Master’s level for the best trade possible.
All these are the villagers in Minecraft. They have different jobs that are mentioned above. They all are really helpful and you can use them for your convenience. Moreover, they are really helpful as you can also assign them different works by using some tricks. So, there are all the Villagers in Minecraft.

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