Loadstone in Minecraft 1.17: Working Explained

Learn all the details about the Loadstone in Minecraft after the Minecraft updated version 1.17.

loadstone minecraft

Have you ever been lost in Minecraft? Then you decide to use a compass to return to your base. You follow the compass to thousands of block distance. All that long journey and for what? Just to realize that you returned to the place where you spawned. Well, in that case, we are sure that you feel that to just delete the world. Worry not because today we will tell you about Loadstone in Minecraft that will definitely help you with this problem.

Just for a quick introduction, Loadstone is a compass anchor that makes your compass point in its direction rather than the respawn point. Its soulful purpose is to show you direction and a way to home.

What is a Loadstone in Minecraft:

A Loadstone as explained above is a very rare block. It acts as a direction anchor for your compass. Moreover, it shows you the direction to the place where you placed it the last time. It works both in the Overworld and Underworld.

Crafting a Loadstone:

The crafting of Loadstone is really hard. That is why this block is one of the rarest blocks in Minecraft. Loadstone in Minecraft requires 8 Chiseled Stone Blocks. To make a chiseled stone block-

  1. Smelt some cobblestones in a furnace to make it a normal stone.
  2. Then place 4 stones on the crafting table and make stone bricks.
  3. Now place those Stone bricks on the crafting table and make stone bricks slabs.
  4. Once you have the slabs, make the chiseled Stone blocks out of them.
  5. Continue this process until you get 8 Chiseled stone blocks.

Now that you have the 8 chiseled stone blocks, You are one step closer to make the Loadstone in Minecraft. Now you will need another rare item in Minecraft- Netherite  Ingot.

How to get Netherite Ingot in Minecraft:

To obtain the Netherite ingot in Minecraft, there are two ways. Both the ways don’t guarantee you a large amount of Netherite ingot. Moreover, this ingot is one of the rarest sites in Minecraft. The reason for it being really rare is that it is present in the dangerous and horrifying depths of the Nether-

Method-1: This first method is to go and raid Multiple Bastion Remnants in Minecraft. If you are lucky then you will find a Loadstone in Minecraft in one of these Bastion Remnants. But that is really rare because that type of Bastion Remnant has a bridge chest with lava pouring from the sides.

But if you are not lucky then maybe you will find a Netherite ingot, Netherite scrap, or Ancient Debris. Keep in mind that the spawn probability of these items in a Bastion Remnant is only 2%. So, good luck.


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Method-2: This second method is fairly more rewarding. But there is more danger with it too. It is to go into the depths of the Nether and search for Ancient Debris. If you don’t know then let me tell you that the ancient Debris is found from Y= 8-22. However, you will need to find 4 ancient pieces of debris to at least make 1 Netherite Ingot and then to make Loadstone in Minecraft.

So, you have 1 Netherite ingot. Noe comes the crafting part-

  1. Open the crafting table.
  2. Place the netherite ingot in the center slot of the crafting table.
  3. Now surround the netherite ingot with 8 chiseled stones blocks by filling the 8 slots of the Crafting table.
  4. Click on the Loadstone icon and place it in your inventory.

Procedure to use Loadstone in Minecraft:

loadstone in minecraft

To use the Loadstone in Minecraft, you will need a compass. Because without the compass, the loadstone is useless. It is then just a mere piece of artifact. To use a loadstone:-

  1. Place the loadstone at the place, whose location you need to remember.
  2. Take a compass in your hand.
  3. Now click(right-click) on the loadstone with the compass being in your hand.
  4. The compass will be encoded with the location of the loadstone.

 Facts about Loadstone:

  • The loadstone is prone to explosive damage despite the fact that it is made of netherite ingot.
  • The compass points in the direction of the loadstone unless you break it.
  • You can use multiple compasses with multiple Loadstones in Minecraft. Each compass for each Loadstone.
  • If the Break the loadstone but the compass that is connected to it is in a chest. Then the compass will point to the last location of the loadstone, where you connected them. But when you take the compass out in the hand it will start spinning if in the Nether and will point to the respawn point if in the Overworld.

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