Beehives in Minecraft 1.17: All Details Here

Beehives in Minecraft
Beehives in Minecraft

Bees are very useful mobs in Minecraft. They give honey and wax to the players. You can use them in a lot of ways. But the real struggle is to keep them and start their farming. As you know that it can be done by bee nests or Beehives in Minecraft 1.17. So, today will we learn everything about them.

What are Beehives and BeeNests:

Bee nests are naturally generated Bee-Homes in the game. Whereas, the Beehives are player-made Structures to house bees. Bee nests are bright yellow in color and their rate of spawning is as low as 3% in the whole game. On the other hand, beehives are of the same colors as Oakwood.

Beehives and Bee nests can Store up to 3 Bees and can store honey in them. They are Omnidirectional, Which means you can place them however you want and bees will still be able to enter them.

Honey in Beehives and Bee Nests:

The procedure of making a bee farm is very easy. A bee nest can be broken down with any tool and even with the player’s fist, but it will eventually result in the complete destruction of the nest and it won’t drop anything either. And the bees will attack you in return. Whereas, beehives in Minecraft can be grabbed by any tool.

How to Make a Beehives in Minecraft 1.17?

for making a beehive, you will need honey wax and wooden planks. To get honey wax, just shear the bee nest and it will drop honey wax but the bee best has to be filled with honey. Also, make sure to light a campfire so that the bees calm down. Once you have 3 honey hax and 6 wooden planks, place them like a sandwich. 3 planks on the top and 3 at the bottom and 3 honey wax in between. There you have beehives.

Bee Farm Using Beehives in Minecraft-

You can simply harvest Honey and Honey Comb Wax from the beehive. The procedure of making a farm is-

  • Place a campfire.
  • Now place a beehive on that campfire.
  • Lure you bees using flowers and breed them.
  • Place flowers near the beehive. It doesn’t matter which flowers you use.
  • Then let the bees do their work.
  • Once you see the beehive dripping with honey you can use glass bottles to harvest honey in them and shears to get honey wax.

So, here you have the information on beehives in Minecraft. If you want some more information, you can simply ask in the comment section. And if you have any suggestions for new topics feel free to ask.

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