Thunder Sojourn Event Genshin Impact: All Details Here

What is the Thunder Soujourn Event in Genshin Impact? Who is Muzhen? What quests do you need to start the Thunder Soujourn event? Find out all the answers down here!

thunder sojourn event genshin impact
Beidou and Kaedehara Genshin Impact

Thunder Sojourn Event Genshin Impact:¬†Genshin Impact has finally released a new event with the start of update 2.0. Although this event was released a few days ago players are facing some trouble completing the quests. There are also some quests like the Immovable God and Eternal Euthymia & Stillness the Sublimation Shadow and some others. We’ll tell you everything about the Thunder Sojourn Event, how to complete it and what you’ll have to do for Muzhen in Genshin Impact.

Who can Participate in the Thunder Sojourn Event in Genshin Impact?

Muzhen Genshin Impact

Unfortunately, beginner players will find it really hard to complete the Thunder Sojourn event. This is because you need to be at least AR 30 or above to start the quest. Furthermore, just being Adventure Rank 30 won’t help. You’ll also have to finish the list of the quests below:

  • Archon Quest: Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves
  • Ritou Escape Plan
  • Chapter II – Act I: The Immovable God and Eternal Euthymia

After this, you’ll have to complete the Voyage Prep quest to actually start the event. This will also get you Beidou in Genshin Impact. Keep reading on to know how to get her.

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What is the New Thunder Sojourn Event in Genshin Impact?Bolt Blitz Genshin Impact

Basically, the Thunder Sojourn Event consists of 4 acts in total. In order to start the Thunder Sojourn Event finish the Voyage Prep challenge. This will mark the start of your Act-I in the Thunder Sojourn Event in Genshin Impact.

Act-I Bolt Blitz:

You’ll have to face 2 sets of electro slime on your way. Don’t forget to use thunder spheres to boost your way through the challenge. After the completion of the challenge, you’ll have challenges which you can complete:

  1. Sky-splitting Lightning
  2. Grasp the Clouds
  3. Strike the Stars
  4. Soar through the Light
  5. Electric Moment
  6. Thunderous Drumbeat

Since you unlock these challenges there will be perks for the rewards as well.

Note: These quests don’t contribute towards the Weekly 10,000 XP of Battle Pass.

Act-II Lightning Round:

To unlock the quest you’ll have to complete the tracking thunder quest. For completing this act multiple times you’ll get tons of rewards and all of this besides your Battle Pass XP.

Act-III Weaving Lightning:

In order to start this quest, you’ll have to talk to Muzhen (an NPC for the Thunder Sojourn Event) in Genshin Impact. Although, you’ll have to finish the Tracking Thunder quest once before this. She is Crux’s Chief Technical Officer who has a taste for Ruin Machines.

Act-IV Automation Front:

Facing Distant Echoes – is the quest you’ll be looking for in the Act-IV of Thunder Sojourn Event in Genshin Impact. Defeat the Perpetual Mechanical Array to get your Thunder Crystal. We’ll talk about their significance shortly after this.

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How to Get Beidou in from the New Event in Genshin Impact?

Yes, it is true that you can actually get your hands on Beidou in Genshin Impact from this event. If you’ve already completed the acts before you might have noticed the Thunder Pellets and Thunder Crystals. Although, you’ll have to hoard a lot of these to actually make them fruitful.

Thunder Pellets will be great for Character Ascension Materials including some rare fragments, Hero’s Wit, and enhancement ores for your weapons. Thunder Crystals on the other hand will give you Talent Level-up materials (even 5-star).

Thunder Pellets – from Bolt Blitz, Lightning Round, and Weaving Lightning. Can also be obtained from completing quests across Inazuma.

Thunder Crystals – from Automaton Front

Now, onto our final question. You can get Beidou from both the Thunder Pellets and Thunder Crystals in from the Thunder Sojourn Event in Genshin Impact. You’ll need a total of around 1000 Thunder Pellets to unlock Beidou. As for the items from the Event shop you’ll need about 1500 Pellets. For Thunder Crystals the numbers are 1000 and 2200 for the same.

For more such news, quests, challenges, events, characters, and updates in Genshin Impact make sure to keep following us here. Until then make sure to use the limited-time Thunder Crystals and Pellets in the Event Shop before the event ends. Because they’ll disappear soon!

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