Breakpoint Bundle Fortnite: The Epic Comeback!

Breakpoint Bundle Challenge Pack fortnite
Breakpoint Challenge Pack Fortnite

Breakpoint Bundle Fortnite:Β The Breakpoint Skin in Fortnite is back now! And this time it will also be bringing some cool new challenges. Know all about the Fortnite Breakpoint Challenge pack from us right here.

What is the Breakpoint Bundle in Fortnite?

The Breakpoint Skin is another variant of the Waypoint Skin in Fortnite. Fortnite released the Waypoint Skin in Chapter 1 Season 7 on December 8th, 2018. However, this is not all. This time you’ll be able to unlock the Breakpoint Bundle by purchasing it from the item shop.

According to a few leakers, the skin was set to release soon. And, here we are with the Breakpoint Bundle in the Fortnite Item Shop today. Fortnite officially announces the release of the skin on Twitter:

What will be in the Breakpoint Challenge Pack?

Breakpoint Bundle Fortnite
Breakpoint Skin Fortnite

Basically, as we discussed before we will not be getting only the Breakpoint set alone. We will get the Breakpoint Skin (Rare), Signal Jammer (Rare, back bling), and the Breakpoint Quests (Legendary) for earning some V-bucks along the way.

The Breakpoint Challenge Pack will contain a list of Challenges that you will have to complete to earn yourself some V-bucks. As the Skin is worth 1200 V-bucks itself and is also giving you quests to earn the V-bucks back it seems to be a pretty good deal.

Now, once you complete the first 5 Challenges you’ll earn your 100 V-bucks. The same goes for 10 missions. At 20 missions you’ll get 400 V-bucks thus adding the total up to 1000 V-bucks you can redeem from just buying the Breakpoint Bundle in Fortnite.

How Much Does the Breakpoint Bundle in Fortnite cost?

The Breakpoint set will cost 7.99 USD from the Fortnite Item Shop today. You could also buy the Breakpoint challenge pack in Fortnite back when they released it. It was on 18/7/2019 almost around 2 years ago.

Howsoever, you should be able to afford the bundle easily. And gain a few V-bucks to your name at the same time. Although this is a previous outfit and a waypoint bundle variant it still looks grandiloquent.

We will keep you updated on further Fortnite news, updates, leaks, skins about the game. Make sure to keep following us for more quality content.

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