Etheria Fortnite Ethereum: Price, Item Shop, And Availability

The skin is 1000th skin of Fortnite and here is all you need to know about it.

Etheria Fortnite Ethereum
Etheria Skin Gameplay in Fortnite

Etheria Fortnite Ethereum: Fortnite is famous for its skins and players love to buy them. Furthermore, the game released one of the coolest skin in the game which was said to be the 1000th skin. The skin was released back in May 2021 and now it is once again available in the item shop of Fortnite.

So, here are all the details you need to know about the Etheria skin in Fortnite.

Etheria Fortnite Ethereum: All You Need To Know

Etheria Fortnite Ethereum
The skin was launched on the special occasion of the 1000th skin

Fortnite is one of the most famous battle royale games which is loved all across the world. Moreover, the game has a player base of more than 650 million. The game is also famous for its skins and launched some cool skins for its fans.

The game has skins in collaboration with some huge brands like Nike and also with TV shows like Marvel and DC. Recently, they released a new skin in partnership with basketball legend Lebron James. Furthermore, the skin was free of cost earlier and it can be claimed by using redeem codes. Also, they launched a new skin based on the famous Marvel character Loki.

Etheriaย Ethereum is a skin in Fortnite which was released on the occasion of the 1000th skin. Moreover, not all of the fans of the game we’re happy as they saw a similar skin in the past called Ember. So, the fans expected more from the skin developers for this special occasion.

Moreover, the skin is available once again in the Item shop of Fortnite and players can buy it. Additionally, many players loved the skin and they added this one into their collections.

Etheria Skin Cost

Fortnite Item Shop
Skin in Item Shop

The skin requires to spend 1200 V bucks in order to purchase it. Also, players can buy her pickaxe separately for another 800 V-Bucks. The design was released by @aestethicdemon_, one of the users who is used to creating camos for Epic Games.

The Etheria Ethereum skin is now available in the Item shop of Fortnite and players can buy it from there. The skin was released in May 2021 and was last seen in June 2021.

Epic Store Link

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