Genshin Impact Locked Chest Code

In this article, you find out everything about Genshin Impact Locked Chest Code.

Genshin Impact locked Chest Code
Genshin Impact Locked Chest Code

Genshin Impact Locked Chest Code: The Genshin Impact 1.6 update could be its best yet. It brings loads of new content that gives you a good reason to venture back into mobile’s biggest RPG. In the new update, there is a secret quest, which leads to a locked chest, rewarding 40 primogems.

The Golden Apple Archipelago, “They Who Hear the Sea” is one of the six world quests in Genshin Impact that you can find around the islands. This game is full of hidden quests and chests all across the map. Moreover, the new event, “Echoing Tales,” has a clue of one such chest hidden among its Echoing Conches. Therefore, the chest is locked with a code and is located on Twinning Island. And to get the hidden chest, players have to activate a secret quest and get the correct code to unlock the chest.

What’s the Code to Unlock the Genshin Impact Locked Chest?

The code to unlock the Locked Chest on Twinning Island is 5-2-1-4. If you have not explored this area, then below you can know about how to find the locked chest in the Golden Apple Archipelago.

How to Find the Locked Chest and Unlock it?

Location of locked chest
Location of the Locked Chest

Step-1: To activate the secret quest, you need to teleport to Twinning Island and glide towards the west. After reaching near the cliff, an echoing conch will show up on the mini-map. Furthermore, it is located below the topmost level of that mountain.

Step-2: Then the quest, “They Who Hear the Sea,” will activate and players will hear the conch. The quest is going to mark a location on the map. After reaching the marked location then the player is going to get a “dig” option and that will reveal the locked chest.

Enter the Code
Enter the Code

Step-3: Then after interacting with the hidden chest, you will have to enter the code. Players have to take note of the first words of the first 4 conches (5-2-1-4). After selecting 5-2-1-4 in the code panel in the exact same order then the chest is going to be unlocked, rewarding 40 primogems.

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