Marine Hues Genshin Impact: Battle Pass End Date

Know everything about the Marine Hues Battle Pass in Genshin Impact here. Also know about the rewards from Gnostic Hymn and Gnostic Chorus. If you don't know about the Sojourner know all about it here.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact-Kamisato Ayaka

Marine Hues Genshin Impact: Find out everything about the Marine Hues in Genshin Impact. Also, know more about the Sojourner in Genshin Impact. Keep reading to find out the Genshin Impact Battle Pass End date and time towards the close.

Now, as for the Battle Pass, we have divided the Battle Pass to explain it better into 3 different parts. If you’re already aware of the rewards and don’t want to purchase them you can choose to skip them.

Travelers are able to claim so many stunning rewards from the current Battle Pass. In Marine Hues you unlock the ‘Gnostic Hymn‘ or ‘Gnostic Chorus‘ to further earn yourself the Intertwined Fate with chances for a 4 starred weapon. Let’s look deeper into what the Battle Pass for this Season offers. Do not worry we will discuss the end time details for the Battle Pass as well.

The Seventh Battle Pass Marine Hues: Genshin Impact

Marine Hues Genshin Impact
Marine Hues Genshin Impact

The current Battle Pass offers so much more than just rewards. You can get Mora (in lakhs approximately), Mystic enhancement ores, Hero’s Wits as the rewards. This is not all you also get the special Fragile Resins, Acquaint Fate, and Primogems which are so hard to find in the game.

The ‘Marine Hues’ is the 7th Battle Pass in Genshin Impact. Genshin will soon be putting an end to the Marine Hues Battle Pass. To level up in the Battle Pass you’ve to do various missions in-game. However, as you increase your level you unlock various free rewards from it.

Note: In order to claim all these rewards you’ll first have to unlock the Battle Pass. To participate in earning the rewards of the Battle Pass you’ll have to be at least AR 20. Unfortunately, you can’t just buy the Battle Pass, unlike other games.

Sojourner’s Battle Pass:

This is the free-to-play side of the Battle Pass. Meaning, players all over the world can access it and the rewards it consists of. These include mora, primogems, ascension, and enhancement materials.

Gnostic Hymn:

Marine Hues Battle Pass Genshin
Gnostic Hymn and Gnostic Chorus Battle Pass Genshin Impact

This is the payable side of the Battle Pass. You can still purchase the Gnostic Hymn for 10 USD. This will enable you to earn even more rewards than you already get from the free-to-play side. Besides this, you’ll also get more Bonus Rewards from the Battle Pass! These will have the Philosophies and Guidances of wind and geo (talent level-up material).

After the completion of Lv. 30 on the Battle Pass players will be able to claim any one of the BP Bounty 4 star weapons. These include the Black Sword, the Serpent Spine, Death-match, the Viridescent hunt, and the Solar Pearl.

Gnostic Chorus:

This is another part of the Battle Pass which you can buy for 20 USD. What it offers is all the rewards from Sojourner’s+rewards from Gnostic Hymn+10 levels of Battle Pass+additional rewards. This list is just so big! And this is why we prefer you to buy the Gnostic Chorus if you can.

Not only because of the rewards, but you’ll also gain more of everything from the Battle Pass than on the Free-to-play side.

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Who is the Sojourner in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact mentions the Sojourner so many times in their items and this time in their Battle Pass. Genshin Impact has items named after the Sojourner like the Goblet of Sojourner, Sundial of Sojourner, and numerous many.

Now, they haven’t mentioned anything else about this so-called Sojourner anywhere else. So, it’s hard to say who he exactly is. Maybe a new character?

Is it Preferable to Buy the Marine Hues Battle Pass in Genshin Impact now?

The answer to this question really depends on your play style. If you don’t like the hard-core grind of the game you can definitely go for this Battle Pass and even purchase the Gnostic Chorus.

With 10 levels of Battle Pass, you’ll also be able to claim all your Gnostic Hymn rewards too. At spending 20 USD you’ll get a new style (Travel Notes: Midsummer Namecard), blueprint (Summer Forest Banquet), and x5 Fragile Resin. This is completely worth it.

However, if you want to be cost-efficient and only purchase the Gnostic Hymn it is not bad either. At a price of 10 USD, you get almost x3 of all the rewards of the Sojourner’s Battle Pass. So, it is still worth it.

Now, for the free-to-play side, the Battle Pass in itself is a boon. It helps you out in so many different ways. Giving you weapon enhancement materials, character level-up materials, lacs of mora, and some Primogems as well. So, you can earn all these whilst enjoying the game. If you ever feel the need to support miHoYo you can start purchasing their Battle Pass.

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What is the End Date and Time of the Marine Hues Genshin Impact Battle Pass?

Finally, all your grind to the Battle Pass is ending soon. However, it won’t be for long. You will be able to play with the New Battle Pass from 21/07/2021.

The event of the Marine Hues Genshin Impact lasts from 9/06/2021. The Genshin Impact Battle Pass end date and time as miHoYo mentions will be on 19/07/2021 – 03:59:59. You can also take a look at the new character teaser of Kamisato Ayaka from Genshin Impact below:

Overall, this Battle Pass was a blast. There were so many exciting rewards. But, as much as we like them we also see some redundant rewards. This is why we can expect new weapons from the next season of the Battle Pass as well. There will be a bunch of newer characters in the new update. And this is to be followed by map changes as well.

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