Genshin Kazuha Web Event: All You Need to Know

The Genshin Kazuha Web event had launched recently with the Distant Voyage event in the Genshin Impact recently. Head on to the article for the complete details regarding the event.

Genshin Kazuha Web Event
Genshin Impact Kazuha Web event

A brand new web event naming Distant Voyage had launched recently and the event features the all-new Kazuha characters where players can help it to finish its boat. Therefore, follow up on this article for the complete details regarding the Genshin Impact Kazuha Web Event.

The Genshin Impact 1.6 update is live currently and the update features various new additions and events. As a result, a brand new web event called Distant Voyage had launched recently. The event features the upcoming Kazuha Character where players need to finish their boat in the event.

Here are the details about the Distant Voyage Event:

The Distant Voyage event had started frequently on 24th June and will last until 3rd July 2021. The event features a series of 3 stages concluding tasks that players need to complete accordingly. Moreover, all three stages have three parts of the boat, where completing one stage will unlock the next stage.

Meanwhile, to participate in the Distant Voyage Event, players can register themselves through the Distant Voyage Event Page. Also, players even will receive in-game rewards while helping Kazuha by completing the boat in the event. As a result, players can craft the boat in the Genshin Kazuha web event.

Here’s How Players Can Craft the Boat in the Genshin Kazuha web event:

Firstly, players need to navigate to the Distant Voyage Event page and log in with their accounts. Further, on the home page, players will spot a craft option, while clicking on it players can proceed to craft the boat.

Thereby, players can see the three components of the boat from where players can craft the boat first time as a free attempt. Moreover, players can obtain more by completing the daily missions.

Consequently, by completing the first stage, players will be able to unlock the second stage. Simultaneously, after finishing the second stage, players can unlock the third stage of the Distant Voyage.

As a result, after completing the crafting and all the stages, players will acquire massive in-game rewards in their accounts.

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