Genshin Impact Cross Platform: Xbox, Playstation, Crossplay Status and more

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10/11/2022/Genshin Impact Cross Platform now works on all platforms/Creativity: miHoYo

Genshin Impact is renowned for its retro RPG gameplay with an anime aesthetic that immerses players in a captivating journey. The several players in the game keeps growing. And more people who are looking for a break from intense battle royales come to play. The app’s creators, miHoYo, have released several upgrades since its first release in 2020 since they frequently release new material. Currently, the game is available on PC, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, and Xbox.

Genshin Impact does indeed offer cross-platform play on all platforms. Additionally, the game supports cross-progression. It prevents you from having to restart by effortlessly transferring your characters’ progress between various platforms. You can quickly share your progress across different platforms. For that simply logging into your miHoYo account on each one of them.

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Genshin Impact Cross Platform

Reaching Adventure Rank 16 will activate the multiplayer co-op feature, which is necessary if you want to play the game online with your pals. The game’s multiplayer mode can then be played with friends and other players on different platforms.

Even though the game is compatible with a variety of devices, the quality and frame rates may vary. That can impact the gameplay experience. The game’s optimization for different devices and the storyline are both delightful.

Genshin Impact Crossplay Activation Instructions

Genshin Impact currently lacks a setting that would toggle crossplay by default. You only need to add each other by entering your UID, which is located in the lower-right corner of your screen. However, to access the game’s multiplayer co-op mode, you both must be at Adventure Rank 16.

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Therefore, the next time you play Genshin Impact on any device, you can show off your Elemental Mastery abilities without worrying about the platform. Simply enter the game, play with your pals, and pay attention to Paimon.

Playing Genshin Impact with your friends?

Players have to share their UID which helps to play Genshin Impact on all platforms. As a result, console users on the PS4 or PS5 can go on adventures across Teyvat with pals who are using the PC, iOS, and Android. 

You must reach Adventure Rank 16 to play online multiplayer co-op, so make sure you do so before attempting to add friends from other platforms. You can advance in the game’s rankings by merely participating in it and completing all of its missions around the globe.

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After reaching Rank 16 all players must share their UID. This is necessary to play. Then Enter your friend’s UID code in the Add Friend section of the Friends menu after opening it. Now that they are on your friend list, you may invite them to join your adventure team so that the two of you can start exploring Teyvat. PlayStation gamers’ Genshin Impact friends lists will already be filled with their existing PlayStation friends, but they can still add friends by using their UID codes who are using PCs or mobile devices.

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