How to Make a Cow Farm: Details With Steps

This guide shows why you need a cow farm, what materials you'll need for your cow farm and what steps you need to follow to build your own cow farm. Learn how to get your own beef and leather in Minecraft.

Cow Farm Minecraft
Cow Farm Minecraft

Minecraft is a survival-based game. To survive, food is necessary. So here’s a detailed article on how to make a cow farm. After making it, you can put the raw beef in a smelter or furnace to cook it.

Minecraft is a survival mode game. Players can build their own village, mansion, palace, etc. The game mainly consists of making your own territory. Moreover, just like an actual person, your player will need food to survive. Hence, you can kill the animals around you, make a food farm, etc.

The game can also be played in Adventure mode and Creative Mode. After having the perfect armor, swords, shields, you can fight with Ender Dragon to earn 59 Experience Points also known as XP.

Why is a Cow Farm Necessary?

Simple Cow Farm
Simple Cow Farm

Cow farm is necessary as the food is must needed thing. After, searching for cows when food is required might be difficult. So, here’s a complete guide on how to make a cow farm. All you need to do after making this is put the raw beef in a smelter or furnace. Beef is the best food in Minecraft. And killing cow gives leather too which makes the cow more helpful.

Material Required to Make Cow Farm

Cows × 2

Wheat × 64

Chest × 1

Building Block × 6

Stairs × 1

Fence × 1

Water bucket × 1

Hopper × 1

Check out this video to help you out with it:

Steps to Make The Farm

  • Dig 2 holes in a line, dig it to two blocks deep.
  • Place a chest facing the other dug block.
  • Afterwards, placing the chest, place, and hopper in the other dug block. Make sure that the chest is facing the hopper.
  • Subsequently, above the chest, place a staircase facing inward. Place the staircase in a position that the level should be equal on the outer side.
  • Henceforth, dig 1 block on the right side of the hopper. This block should not be as deep as a hopper.
  • Dig the same on the other 2 sides too. It should look like the image given below.
  • On the 3 blocks, put another block on each of them and make it one block higher than the ground level. This is necessary for the construction of the cow farm.
  • Consequently, put a block of glass on the staircase. The glass block should also be 1 block above the ground level.
  • Hereafter, there will be a hole where there will be a hopper inside and empty the water bucket in that hole.
  • Next, bring 2 cows and push them into the hole.
  • Thereafter pushing the cows, place a fence right above the cows. It should be above the hole only and not on the edges.
  • Then, breed the cows using the wheat. There should be 24 cows in the hole.
  • After there are many cows, due to lack of space, the elder cows will start dying.
  • Finally, your own Cow Farm has been made and you can gain your leather and beef from it.

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