How To Make Automatic Cooked Chicken Farm in Minecraft: Complete Guide

In this guide for an automatic cooked chicken farm we cover what materials are required for a chicken farm and what steps you'll have to follow to make your own automatically working farm.

Automatically working cooked chicken farm
Automatically working cooked chicken farm

Food is necessary to increase health and hunger. For it, you will require to make food. Here’s a complete article on How to Make Automatic Cooked Chicken Farm in Minecraft.

Minecraft is an online and offline survival mode game. Players have to make utilities for themselves with help of their surroundings. There are forests, jungles, deserts, oceans, snow mountains, glaciers, etc.

Players can make pickaxes, shovels, axes, swords, etc of wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond, and Netherite. Iron, gold, and diamond are obtained from mining. And moreover, Netherite is obtained by mining in the Nether world. You can go to nether using the nether portal and do bed mining or TNT mining.

Night Time

Gradually, at night, mobs spawn and damage you so it is necessary to sleep at night or stay in your home to be safe. Since sleeping makes the night much shorter which helps you protect yourself from mobs. Let’s discuss the material required for our automatic cooked chicken farm.

Material Required to Make Automatic Cooked Chicken Farm: Minecraft

automatic chicken farm
automatic chicken farm
  • Chest × 1
  • Hopper × 2
  • Dispenser × 2
  • Observer × 2
  • Redstone Dust × 2
  • Comparator × 1
  • Lava Bucket × 1
  • Carpet × 1
  • Slab × 1
  • Glass × 8
  • Breeding Seeds
  • Chicken
  • Building Blocks

Steps To Follow for The Farm

Easy steps for automatic chicken farm
Easy steps for automatic chicken farm

Follow each of these steps sequentially in order to have your own Automatic Cooked Chicken Farm in Minecraft.

  • Open the game and choose a place to make an automatic cooked chicken farm.
  • After selecting a place, place a chest facing front.
  • Behind the chest, place a hopper pointing to the chest.
  • Afterward, place a building block behind the hopper.
  • Now, take 2 dispensers and place them upon the building block.
  • After this, place a slab in front of the first ( bottom ) dispenser just over the hopper.
  • Now, put the second hopper behind the first ( bottom ) dispenser.
  • Subsequently, put the carpet above the second dispenser.
  • Then, behind the second hopper, put a building block and place a comparator just on the block.
  • After this, place an observer on the comparator.
  • Soon, cover the carpet with glad on the remaining two sides. Then, cover everything with building blocks.
  • Bring 2 Chickens and take them to the carpet by showing them wheat seeds. Make sure that they fall in the hole above the carpet.
  • Consequently, breed them to a maximum of 24 chickens by feeding them wheat seeds. This process is quite long.
  • Place the observer to cover the hole above the carpet. Now, you can break all the building blocks that were used to cover the carpet area.
  • Gradually, besides the top observer, on both the sides dispenser and observer, put Redstone dust. Make sure not to put on the top observer.
  • After this, cover the slab that is behind the chest right above the hopper with glass. The glass should be 1 block above the slab and it should be started from 1 block above the ground.
  • Finally, put a Lava Bucket on the top dispenser. Your automatic cooked chicken farm is ready now.

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