Everything you need to know about Fnatic Jett Derke

The article gives brief information about Nikita 'Derke' Sirmitev who is currently a Valorant professional for Fnatic.

Everything you need to know about Fnatic's Jett Derke
Everything you need to know about Fnatic’s Jett Derke

Nikita ‘Derke’ Sirmitev is a Finnish-Russian player who plays for Fnatic. Currently, he is playing for Fnatic representing the Europe-Middleeast-Africa(EMEA) region at the VCT Masters in Iceland. In the VCT Masters, Fnatic dominated the LATAM representatives KRÜ Esports and are going to face NA’s most favorites Sentinels. So, who is Fnatic Jett ‘Derke’?

Moreover, Derke grabbed 40 kills from both the matches in the victory over KRÜ esports, playing Jett.

Who is Fnatic’s Jett Derke?

Fnatic's Jett Derke
Derke is often found playing Jett

Fnatic’s Jett main ‘Derke’ is just 18 years old and is making his mark in the Valorant scene. Additionally, he joined them in April 2021, leaving his old team CrowCrowd. 

Derke often picks up Jett and his pick-up rate for Jett is 61% and this is the reason we call him Fnatic Jett Derke. However, he wins 70% of the games when he plays Jett. So, there is no doubt he is Fnatic’s Jett main. Derke has played 2385 rounds and has a headshot percentage of 28%.

Apart from Jett, Derke is also found playing Sova and Raze. Sage and Omen are also his choices but they are very rare.

Fnatic’s DERKE Stats

Rounds- 2385

K.D- 1.39

Average Damage per Round- 170.2

Headshot- 28% (body- 67%)

Average Combat Score- 282

Death per round- 0.7

Kills per round- 0.98

First blood per round- 0.25

Entry success rate- 62%

Most used weapon- Vandal

Derke stats with Jett

Average Combat Score- 282.4

K.D- 1.26

Kill per round- 0.96

Average Damage per round- 168.6

Kills- 634

Deaths- 503

Assist- 129

First Kill- 176

However, these are the stats of Derke’s main id as he also uses an alternate one naming Derkeps. Derke’s total winning in his professional career till now is over $11,000 dollars.

Eighteen-year-old Derke played with keen confidence, entry-fragging with Jett with the Vandal. Moreover, he frequently gave Fnatic the man advantage, taking duels head-on and dashing out to safety. Derke will be playing the next game against Sentinels in the VCT Masters at Iceland. Moreover, it will be a tough competition against Tenz, who is also a Jett Main but rarely plays the agent in competitive.

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