Valorant Episode 5 Act 1: Agents With Lowest Pick Rates

Least Effective Agents in Valorant
Valorant Episode 5 Act 1: Least Effective Agents

Valorant Episode 5 Act 1: Agents with Low Pick Rates. The tactical first-person shooter Valorant has been very popular recently. The game currently has more than a million players and has a steadily expanding fan following. They might prefer to choose effective Agents rather than choosing the weakest performers in Valorant.

In Valorant, not all Agents and their skills are created equally. Some have unimpressive features that Riot hasn’t been able to improve, while others are completely unsuited to competitive games due to their equipment. Players can find the list of Agents to stay away from during competitive play on this page.


Despite being the face of Valorant, Phoenix hasn’t been in the game’s meta for a while. In the beginning of the game, he was a dependable duelist, but as new Agents entered the game, he quickly lost his relevance. Phoenix has exceptionally low pick rates in competitive games since KAY/O and Skye, two more recent heroes, are better at flashing opponents or enhancing team composition. Phoenix needs to be considerably improved by Riot Games if he is to become one of Valorant’s top Duelists. Players may struggle to work with Phoenix up until that point.


Yoru is among the Agents in Valorant who receives the greatest derision, and for good cause. Despite the developers recently updating his kit, the game’s meta still doesn’t favor him. Riot Games has, however, made his kit a headache for adversaries because, when utilizing his Ultimate, he may fake teleport, and when his clone is destroyed, it flashes enemies.

In Valorant contests, he still has one of the lowest pick rates in professional and rated games. His pick rate has increased since the most recent update, but it’s unclear how Riot will react to the community’s displeasure with Yoru.


Neon’s toolbox is packed with skills that are perfect for breaking into places in Valorant. She was previously released in Episode 3 Act 3 and has had a dismal pick rate thus far in professional matches. Unlike other Duelists like Yoru and even Phoenix, her skills don’t give her teammates a significant edge. Most of the time, skilled players can neutralize her Ultimate and Signature abilities. She could be the quickest Duelist in the game, but she can’t match Jett’s, Yoru’s, or Raze’s mobility in the present meta, which justifies her extremely low pick rates lately.

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