Indian Slot in Valorant Champions Tour 2021

Riot Games may be considering an Indian Slot in Valorant Champions Tour 2021. Read more to find out other information about the Indian slot in VCT 2021.


Riot Games may be considering an Indian Slot in Valorant Champions Tour 2021. Let’s find out the reality of this statement in this article. It will discuss the possibilities of India in VCT 2021.

According to IGN India, the company is considering hosting a nationwide Valorant Tournament. This is to determine a winner who will get a slot in the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour 2021.

With the launch of the new FPS title, Riot Games had  introduced the Valorant Ignition Series. This took place in order to kick off the Esports ecosystem. In addition, Riot Games also hosted the First Strike Tournament for five regions.

However, with the start of 2021, the company clearly stated its vision to make a new biggest esports title like League of Legends. Consequently, they announced Valorant Champions Tour 2021.

In addition, this is a worldwide tournament for the Valorant players. VCT 2021 is a global competitive circuit which is divided into Challegers and Masters.

Valorant Champions Tour 2021: Riot Games Considering an Indian Slot for VCT 2021?

Indian Slot in Valorant Champions Tour 2021
Valorant 2021 Champions Tour

Riot Games introduced the Mumbai server for Valorant. This step helped to set up a stable ping for Indian players. However, India is lacking in the global eSports scenario to compete on an international stage.

Evidetly, there are multiple third party Valorant events going on in India. Such as Skyesports League, The Esports Club Valorant event and many more. However, Indian Valorant players have not faced any official competition, yet.

Indian players feel disheartened after not getting any qualifiers event from India. The Indian Valorant players wanted to get a qualifiers slot.

In addition, they wanted to make the dream of India in VCT 2021 come true. Consequently, The players have been tweeting a lot in the last month.

As the news came so far, Riot Games may heard their queries, and will host a event for the players. However, Tencent owned Riot Games is yet to announce the qualifiers.

In conclusion, Indian Slot in Valorant Champions Tour 2021 might be a reality.

At the moment this is a leaked information. However, Riot officials confirmed nothing. We are still waiting for the official confirmation from them. We will cover the information as soon as we get any information from the Riot officials.

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