Pumps in Fortnite: Are they Back or Not?

Are Pumps in Fortnite back again? Here is everything you need to know about the pump shotgun. “Pump” shotgun which remains at the top of the list as a fan-favorite weapon could be coming back to Fortnite. It is considered as one of the best weapons for the most eliminations in the game. There is a laundry list of weapons that have been debuted, retired in the game.

Fortnite decided to vault Pump shotguns in Chapter 2, Season 3. The weapon was first vaulted when the combat shotgun was introduced and then again replaced it with the Charge shotgun the second time in matches. But the Fortnite fans never truly welcomed the change.

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Unluckily, at this time of writing, pumps are not back in Fortnite during this season. According to SypherPK, the weapon may come back this year. In his opinion, instead of reintroducing the gold or purple pump shotgun, the green or the blue would work.

Pumps in Fornite
Pumps in Fortnite

Also, the pumps in Fortnite are accessible in creative mode. So the players who are missing their favorite weapon can still relive the experience from time to time. Pumps in Fortnite can make an emergence in LTM (Limited Time Mode) as LTM attributes keep changing and Pump shotgun might soon feature there.

There is one more issue i.e. Upgrade stations. Even though we have NPCs on Fortnite island which enables players to upgrade their weapons in exchange for gold bars. But the number of NPCs who actually let players upgrade the weapons is way less than the number of upgrade stations.

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Players can earn these gold bars only through quests from NPCs. But players are very excited about unvaulting the pump shotgun and updating NPCs to enable upgrades. There has been no information about the re-release of pump shotgun from the creators but many still hope that Pumps will be back to Fortnite.

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