Fortnite Prize Pool 2021 Announcement and Other Details

Fortnite Prize Pool 2021
Fortnite Prize Pool 2021

The Player’s excitement went into vain with the Fortnite Prize Pool 2021 Trio Cash Cup declaration, which is just USD 700 compared with the USD 4,000 of Season 4. Players are wholly agitated with such a significant decline in the prize money.

Epic Games has already announced that the Trio Cup will be the main event throughout 2021. Trio event supposedly is the primary source of income for the players, but this time such a low prize amount has ruined all of their plans.

A downtrend in Cash Cups and FNCS?

  • FNCSChapter 2 – Season 1 – $4.013 million
  • FNCSChapter 2 – Season 2 – $5.036 million
  • FNCSInvitational – $2 million
  • FNCSChapter 2 – Season 3 – $5 million
  • FNCSChapter 2 – Season 4 – $4.981 million

Three out of the five above mentioned competitions split the money between PC and console players. Chapter 2 Season 5, FNCS Invitational, and FNCS season are mainly occupied with PC.

Cash Cup Prize Pools are tough to acquire a large number of events that are involved in it. Many professional players have shown their disagreement towards the low pricing through electronic media.

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Benjyfishy, a top-notch player of the Fortnite community, has expressed his grief in one of his twits which reads “least amount of tournaments we have ever had with the least amount of money, with the game being the least fun as I can remember.”

Benjy has already qualified for solo and duo Fortnite World Cup Finals. He has become a Fortnite Champion Series finalist five times. He also added, “… with prize pools always getting less and less it’s going to be even more challenging for unknown players to start making a living out of the game.

Which will eventually make them want to stop playing, and the comp scene will slowly start dying out if it carries on.”

Is Crowdfunding a New Option to Raise Fortnite Prize Pool?

Competitive Fortnite OG and one of FaZe Clan’s members Nate Hill have given a simple and exciting idea to the Epic Games to increase the prize money. According to them “Hey @FortniteGame if you crowdfunded a small % from every battle pass to the Prize pool, we could have real tourneys that people are interested in watching.

No one cares who got first place in a vbucks tourney. Dota 2 – 34million. Fortnite – box of cupcakes.” Dota 2 has proven that Crowdfunding works. Most of the incentives for the game comes from Crowdfunding by Dota 2’s Battle Pass.

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Millions of players use the game, and it still is one of the most viewed game. Due to the low prize money, a boom has seen in the viewership numbers. Competitive sides are over-reacting and igniting the situation with some false narratives.

But players should keep one thing in their minds that Epic Games is still investing massive prize money for various other Fortnite Competitions. Players should not lose their cool until the announcement of the FNCS Chapter 2-Season 5 prize pool. FNCS Chapter 2-Season 5 prize pool will start on February 4.

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