Fortnite Weekly Challenges: Blow Up Fishing Holes Mission

Fortnite Weekly Challenges: Blow Up Fishing Holes Mission
Fortnite Weekly Challenges: Blow Up Fishing Holes Mission

Fortnite Weekly Challenges help players to boost their battle passes. Week six in Fortnite provides users with a new challenge. Earlier in week six, the challenge is to signal the coral buddies, but this time the players are asked to Blow Up Fishing Holes.

There are various locations on the map where the players can probably find the fishing holes. The players first need to see the spot and how to reach that spot in no time flat. This hunt is divided into two parts. Firstly, find the location and then Blow it up.

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This article will provide the essential guide to show where and how you can Blow Up Fishing Holes in Fortnite. The developers introduce new challenges from time to time to make the gameplay more exciting and fascinating. Let’s see what more will come in Fortnite Season 5.

Fortnite Weekly Challenges: Where to find the fishing holes on the map?

This Fortnite Weekly Challenge turns the player near the water bodies of the Island. The fishing holes are those little eddies of water that give indications where the fishes are located. The fishes jump in and out of the water.

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The locations are Sharky Shell, Lazy Lake, Lake Canoe, and Flopper Pond, where players can Blow Up Fishing Holes in Fortnite. To complete this Fortnite Season 5 challenge, the players need to Blow up three fishing holes. For a more detailed picture of the locations, check the map given below.

Fortnite: Fishing holes on the map

Fortnite Weekly Challenges: How to Blow Up Fishing Holes in Fortnite?

Only shooting into the fishing hole won’t blow up the Fishing Holes in Fortnite. The players need something with more power to complete the challenge. Players can use the Rocket Launchers and Grenades to blow it up.

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The other way that a player can opt is to grab the motorboat. The best advantage to use the motorboat is that the unlimited supply of rockets players can shoot into a fishing hole. The motorboat allows players to travel through the waterways, and this is a faster way out.

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