Tomato Basket in Fortnite: Location to Find & Collect

Tomato Basket in Fortnite
Tomato Basket in Fortnite

Fortnite is now rising with some hysterical challenges in season 5. A new week means a new challenge. Now the week four challenge for the players is to find and collect the tomato basket in Fortnite. Here you will get to know about tomato baskets’ locations and complete one of the newest weekly challenges in Fortnite.

Tomato Basket in Fortnite: Locations to Find

There are three different locations where players can collect the tomato basket in Fortnite.

Tomato Basket 1: Inside a red farmhouse on the second floor directly to the north of the Colossal Coliseum. To find the tomatoes basket, players have to go inside the building and then all the way upstairs.

Tomato Basket 2: Inside the white farmhouse having a giant holiday tree in front of it. A Tomato basket will be found in the kitchen near the refrigerator.

Tomato Basket 3: Inside a red house above a small cliff to the north of the Colossal Coliseum in Fortnite. To find the tomato basket, players have to enter at the point marked on the map.

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Collecting a tomato basket from a nearby farm can be quickly completed by going to the three locations. To complete the challenge, you need to collect one tomato basket from a nearby farm.

There is one obstacle to all that three baskets will spawn at any given point in the game. So if the player doesn’t find any basket after going to all the three locations, that means someone has already got them.

The best action players can take is to finish the match and try again in the next round. The game players’ challenging work will be to beat others to get to the top spot by searching these locations early in the game and completing the challenge.

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