Where is New NPC Curdle Scream Leader Location in Fortnite?

Fortnite just added a new NPC to the game by the name of Curdle Scream Leader. Forgetting the creepy name and look know their location in Fortnite here.

curdle scream leader fortnite
25/10/2022 | Curdle Scream Leader and his Monster Set in Fortnite | Credits: TaborHilll YouTube

With the current developments of Fortnite, Epic added a new NPC to the game. That’s right, now you can find the Curdle Scream Leader in Fortnite at a specific location. But before going to where you can find the Curdle Scream leader let’s know a bit about him.

Who is The Curdle Scream Leader?

As we mentioned in the introduction Fortnite just added a new NPC in the game. And it is the Curdle Scream Leader. Although, he can be hard to find considering his movements in the map. First released in Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 8, he was also a part of he Fortnite Monster set.

And the appearance was just during the Halloween event last year. And after about 358 days he has appeared again. So if you’re a collector of the Halloween skins in Fortnite you need to buy him again as soon as you can.

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Where is The Curdle Scream Leader Location in Fortnite?

where is curdle scream leader in fortnite
25/10/2022 | Curdle Scream Leader in Fortnite Location on the map | Credits: fortnite.gg

We have marked the exact location of the Curdle Scream Leader on the Fortnite map above. All you have to do is head towards the northeast and start roaming around in a vehicle. No need for a specific vehicle. Eventually you’ll run into the Curdle Scream Leader while driving.

Or else you can stay in a spot and wait for the NPC to show up eventually within the region in front of you. This is unlikely but you can try it out regardless. The best way to find him would be with either a launch pad or gaining height and looking from top where he could be spawned.

What Does The NPC Have For us?

According to what we have seen so far, the Curdle Scream leader offers us: Hop Drop, Peppermint and a Pumpkin Launcher (Epic). the first two can be consumed and cost a 100 gold each. But we know thatΒ  you’re more interested in the Pumpkin Launcher with the Halloween update in line. The Pumpkin launcher will cost you a fortune of 600 gold but will definitely be worth the purchase.

Fortnitemares 2022 Challenges:

There are two quests that you have to do related to the NPC with Fortnitemares 2022 so we thought we might just mention them here. You have to purchase at least two items from the Curdle Scream leader in Fortnite. You also have to destroy 13 items in the game with the Pumpkin Launcher as another quest.

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So make sure you complete these two before moving on to the other quests. You’ll get the Chrome Cage Back Bling, the Unmaker Pickaxe and Everything’s End Glider after completing all the challenges from Fortnitemares. Additionally you’ll also get 200k XP.

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