What is Diner in COD Mobile? Complete Details

The Diner is an uncertain location in COD Mobile as players do not prefer landing and louting on this area frequently

Diner in COD Mobile
Diner in COD Mobile

Diner in COD Mobile is a location where Zombies and Mystery Boxes are spawned on the Battle royal map. Follow up on this article for the complete details regarding Diner in COD Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most prominent games, gained by lots of players around the globe. COD Mobile has widely renowned for its realistic graphics that deliver a top-notch battleground experience.

Moreover, Call of Duty Mobile offers two various modes naming a battle royal mode and a multiplayer deathmatch mode. The multiplayer deathmatch mode consists of a 5v5 action-filled combat experience on various maps and modes.

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Meanwhile, the battle royal mode consists of a lobby of 100. Where 100 players compete against each other on the large battlegrounds and fight for victory. Also, Call of Duty Mobile features many stunning events and features regularly in the game.

These events boost the hype and excitement over the players featuring new challenges. As a result, a new event or challenge mission naming the BR Master Mind had launched recently.

The BR Master Mind features a total of seven challenges or missions respectively to gain the reward by accomplishing the challenge.

Therefore, among the seven missions, the mission on number 2 had the task of Kill 10 enemies in Diner in BR matches. This challenge resulted in confusion and many players fail to figure out the Diner location in BR matches.

Here are the Details about Diner in COD Mobile:

The Diner is an uncertain location in COD Mobile as players do not prefer landing and looting on this area frequently.

However, the addition of the new BR event challenge has boosted the value of Diner and many players find it troubling. Moreover, Diner location is also seen in Call of Duty Ops’4 Blackout mode.

Furthermore, along with the normal loot and consumables, also features the spawn of zombies and mystery boxes.

Moreover, the Diner portion is surrounded by hills and features a decent loot. As per the directions of the COD Mobile battle royal map, Diner lies to the easter side of the map, more specifically on the southwest of the launch area and northeastern side of the crash.

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Therefore, players need to land upon the Diner location and kill 10 enemies within a certain area. By performing 10 kills, players can accomplish the challenges or missions respectively.

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