“We just do not want to rush”, Riot Games CEO wants Quality in Season 2 of Arcane League of Legends

Arcane League of Legends will be getting a Second season very soon, but the exact dates still eludes fans.

Arcane League of Legends
Arcane League of Legends (image via. Netflix.com)

Arcane League of Legends has been insanely successful, almost changing the opinion on video game adaptation. Season 1 of Arcane was amazing in all departments, be it story, music, visuals, and even cinematography. Everyone is excited about Arcane Season 2 and here are some indications about it release.

Netflix’s Arcane is a story based on League of Legends, with Season 1 being a massive success. The story is about the city of Piltover, and its underground counterpart, Zaun. The story follows two sisters, Vi and Jinx, whose struggles capture the main focal story in the series. With Season 1 being a hit, Netflix was sure to release Second 2. With the second Season confirmed, you might be wondering about it release dates and the story that will follow the first Season.

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Season 2 Arcane League of Legends: When will it release?

YouTube: League of Legends

The exact date of Arcane Season 2 is not known yet. Netflix has kept any leaks under tight control, as nothing about the dates have been leaked as of yet, However, it is safe to assume that the release will not be this year. Season 1 of Arcane released in 2021, and to keep the quality consistent, it will take some time to release another season.

This speculation is further solidified by Riot Games’ CEO. Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot Games commented on the release of Arcane Season 2,

“So, I just watched the third episode of Season 2 before my flight to China. We’re making progress on it. It is not ready yet, and there are two reasons for that. One, you want the quality. We just do not want to rush, and that takes time. So that’s a good reason.”

YouTube: EarlyGame

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Riot’s focus on quality is evident from their production in Season 1. Season 1 currently stands at 100% in Rotten Tomatoes and 9/10 in IMDb, and fans are expecting similar or better production in the next season. To deliver on expectations, Riot will be releasing the show sometime later.

The first season of the show took almost six years to produce. It is not surprising seeing the impact and novelty that the show had. However, fans need not wait that long for Season 2, but it is safe to say that it will not release in 2023. The speculative release date can be around late 2024, or in 2025. But these dates are clearly speculation, as no concrete evidence of the dates have been leaked as of yet.

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The direction of the story is also a mystery to the fans. Following Jinx’s bombing of the main Tower in Piltover, the city is bound to be chaotic. The fates of the council members present in the tower is also yet to be seen. However, it is safe to say that champion characters like Jayce, will survive.

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