Video Game Trophies That Made No Sense to Public

Video Game Trophies that made no sense
Video Game Trophies that made no sense | Cr. Thred

Trophies and achievements in a video game serve as those tantalizing digital badges of honor, popping onto our screens and rewarding our in-game accomplishments. Video games often demand skill, cunning, or perhaps even a bit of luck. Yet, sometimes, developers imbue a touch of absurdity into the mix; the result is a delightful collection of trophies that push the boundaries of the expected and challenge players in unexpected ways.

Hall of Ridiculous Fame: Video Game

These video games made us do something we never thought we would do, all in the pursuit of an intangible digital trophy that we won’t get to touch with our actual hands, but such is the life of a Trophy Hunter, we throw caution and logic to the wind. Let us delve into the fascinating realm of the bizarre when it comes to video game accomplishments.

  1. The Jump rope Virtuoso (“Hail to the King” – Final Fantasy 9)
    Childhood memories might lead some to believe that jumping rope is a simple affair. However, try completing 1,000 consecutive jumps without a single flub within a Final Fantasy 9 minigame! This trophy is infamous for its difficulty, pushing players to seek alternative strategies – sometimes resorting to programmed scripts or other inventive techniques. 
  2. Patience Rewarded (“Lifeless” – Panzer Dragoon Remake)
    This achievement isn’t necessarily difficulty-driven but rather focuses on sheer endurance. Panzer Dragoon Remake rewards players who manage to accumulate over 100 hours of playtime (or idling!) with the “Lifeless” trophy. Talk about a testament to perseverance!

    What’s the best/worst/hardest/most ridiculous trophy in a game that you’ve ever come across?
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  3. Checkmate…and Extraordinary Time Investment (“Tournament Champion” – Chess Ultra)
    Conquering a competitive chess tournament in itself is a noteworthy accomplishment. Chess Ultra ups the ante by requiring players to win a 32-player online competition.  Dedicated players found a way to sidestep the difficulty by strategically using multiple accounts to game the system — an undoubtedly time-consuming path to victory.
  4. The Law Abider (“Today was a good day” – GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition)
    The Grand Theft Auto series is practically a byword for unbridled chaos and mayhem. Earning a trophy for abstaining from criminal activity for a full 24 in-game hours amusingly flips expectations. It’s a lighthearted reminder that Los Santos has a calmer side, should you choose to find it.

    acting like a law abiding citizen in gta v is more fun that breaking laws
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  5. The South Park Special (“Animal Cruelty” – South Park: The Stick of Truth)
    In true South Park fashion, this video game doesn’t shy away from pushing boundaries. The “Animal Cruelty” trophy leaves little to the imagination: players must unleash their inner prankster by performing a rather unsavory act on 25 unsuspecting animals. Sometimes, absurdity delivers the most memorable laughs.
  6. When a Glitch Becomes the Solution (“A God is Born” – Catherine)
    In a video game, technical hurdles can lead to some of the most unorthodox trophy solutions. Catherine’s “A God is Born” achievement originally featured a difficulty-spiking bug. Players overcame this by hot-swapping between two controllers during a particularly demanding section, transforming a flaw into an inventive, if comical, achievement strategy.
  7. The Importance of a Tuesday (“Commitment” – The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe)
    Perhaps one of the most deliberately absurd trophies, this one requires you to leave the game running for a full 24 hours on a Tuesday. Is it a test of unyielding devotion, or a tongue-in-cheek lesson on tampering with your system clock? Either way, the absurdity of the requirement leaves a lasting impression.


These outlandish trophies highlight the playful creativity of video game developers while showcasing the remarkable lengths to which gamers will go for digital bragging rights. From hilarious to head-scratching, they inject a unique flavor into the world of virtual rewards. They are reminders that within gaming, the most offbeat and challenging achievements are often the most memorable. So, the next time you stumble upon a truly ridiculous trophy, embrace the absurdity! You might just be surprised at how enjoyable striving for the preposterous can be. 

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