Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Review and Verdict

Crisis Core review
08/12/2022 | Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is a perfect example of how a game can blur the line between a remaster and a remake. | Credits: Moroesports

Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is the best instance of how a sport can blur the line between a remaster and a remake. The use of the skeleton of its already awesome 2007 PSP is unique whilst rebuilding the muscle around it. Every trade brings it an awful lot nearer to 2020’s incredible Final Fantasy 7 Remake. From its gorgeously up-to-date pics to its extensively quicker combat. However, Crisis Core stops brief of the complete upheaval FF7R leaned into. Many layout alternatives made with the authentic PSP sport idea forestall this remaster from being an unblemished reunion.

Just as before, Crisis Core is an action-focused prequel that follows Zack Fair. A plucky and likable foil to his distant greater moody companion. The iconic Cloud Strife. Starting roughly seven years earlier than the activities of Final Fantasy 7. Zack hopes to climb the ranks of Shinra Electric Company’s SOLDIER software to turn into a Soldier 1st Class. The great of the best, simply like Sephiroth. Even these days it’s nevertheless a tremendous story that neatly ties Zack, Cloud, and Sephiroth’s threads together. With a real-time fight that melds some quirky structures in fascinating methods. Like the bizarre DMW (Digital Mind Wave) slot computer that brings a bit of the Gold Saucer to each fight.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Review

The most immediate and substantive trade to Reunion is its graphical overhaul, the use of Unreal Engine four to get its in-game visuals surprisingly shut to parity with FF7R. Character fashions seem great. Environments are fairly detailed, and even its menus and UI replicate the remakes easy seem that blend shape and characteristics so nicely. Though Crisis Core was once already one of the higher searched PSP games. These visible upgrades make it sense ways extra contemporary and distinctly high-budget for what Square Enix is classifying as a remaster.

Reunion ought to without problems be incorrect for a brand-new recreation in most regards. Although there are some remnants of the authenticity keeping it lower back from searching as true as it maybe can. For example, the authentic CG cutscenes are reused right here. The advantage of being introduced on larger and greater definition screens. However, they are disappointed when in contrast to the in-game action. Think of them as being someplace between the visible pleasant of Advent Children and the cutscenes from the authentic PlayStation Final Fantasy games. They’re nonetheless enjoyable and well-animated after all these years. However, that can’t disguise how especially they’ve aged.

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Most Visually Impressive Upgrades.

Thankfully, that thick layer of dirt is simpler to overlook about in the warmness of battle. Particularly for the duration of its super summon sequences. Which are the single most visually awesome additions to Reunion? Ifrit’s fiery, lava-filled Hellfire in no way failed to wow me, nor did Bahamut’s particle effects-heavy Mega Flare. While it’s comprehensible why Square Enix might also now not prefer to redo each pre-rendered cutscene. These summonses are a tantalizing appearance of what ought to have been having they determined to remake all of that photos with current technology.

Animations are noticeably multiplied from the original. However, one can once in a while experience stiffness. In particular when it comes to the way positive in-game scenes are staged. The fashions themselves appear so clean that it can be jarring when a personality all of a sudden strikes in a stilted manner, reminding you that, yes. This used to be initially a PSP recreation within the boundaries of the time. Still, most talk transport and personality motion appear tremendous for the duration of in-game cutscenes, and even higher in combat.

Not Your Grandpa’s Combat

Reunion’s graphical facelift may additionally be what catches your eye initially. However, its most sizeable enhancements are in its gameplay tweaks. Crisis Core used to be constantly a motion RPG. However, the PSP’s single thumbstick and two bumper graphs pressured Square Enix to get innovative with its design. Making you shuffle thru spells, attacks, items, and extra the use of the left and proper bumpers. With a present-day controller at your disposal, Zack’s primary attack, dodge, and protect instructions are now all mapped to face buttons and triggers. You can use capabilities and solid spells an awful lot extra shortly through urgent these identical buttons while keeping L1. If you don’t like how the controls are laid out. You can even remap honestly the whole thing in the pause menu.

The DMW machine additionally returns mostly unaltered. For higher and for worse. Throughout combat, a three-tile slot desktop is routinely jogging in the top left-hand corner. When a precise personality traces up or a positive wide variety of mixtures are achieved. Zack can get some especially enormous boosts. Those encompass quickly having limitless MP or getting the capacity to execute an effective Limit Break or Summon. It’s an enjoyable way for the fight to sense constantly fresh. However, the charge at which these boosts are accomplished is distinctly uneven and random. On occasion making a boss a pushover and taking the excitement out of figuring out extra special approaches to find them.

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Extra Missions

The authentic game’s amazing Materia Fusion machine returns for Reunion, and lets you mix typically weaker magic, command, and special, and guide Materia to create more advantageous and extra fascinating results. Using the Materia Fusion system, I was once in a position to create the effective Quake spell surprisingly early on, and whilst it allowed me to obliterate massive corporations of vulnerable enemies nearly instantaneously. I nonetheless felt like I had earned that energy thanks to some clever fusing.

Reunion is additionally stuffed with simple. Distracting minigames that return all through the story. These distractions nearly unfailingly aggravated me till I may want to get lower back to some distance and more advantageous fights. With things to do ranging from slashing down missiles midair to gathering objects whilst on a timer. No, be counted on the task, none are an awful lot of fun. Thankfully, these don’t sluggish matters down adequate to spoil the fight around them, which shines from beginning to end even thru these distractions.

Reunited, and It Feels So Good

Given how closely FF7R played with the expectations of fans. I used to be curious to see if Square Enix used to be going to modify Crisis Core’s storyline at all to account for some of the greater shocking adjustments that had occurred, specifically regarding Zack. However, the important story is equal to what used to be informed in the unique game. (Maybe there’s some kind of unlockable cutscene hiding at the back of aspect missions, however, I haven’t observed it but if so.) A huge trade doesn’t precisely experience necessary. Both – just like the unique Final Fantasy 7’s plot feeds into the adjustments that appear in Remake, so too does Crisis Cores. Its story nevertheless feels like the most imperative entry in the Compilation of Final Fantasy 7 backyard of the first game.

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The activities that transpire in Crisis Core add interesting depth to Cloud. The Turks and many different characters from Square liked traditional and its remake. Sephiroth, in particular, turns into a good deal extra humanized at some point in its runtime. It’s convenient to play the unique Final Fantasy 7 and no longer honestly understand an element about Zack. However, his story is so pivotal to Cloud that his presence towers over it in stunning methods even besides lots of display screen time, and his arc in Crisis Core is nevertheless as emotional as it was once 15 years ago.


Voices for characters like Zack, Sephiroth, Aerith, and greater have additionally been changed with the aid of their respective voice actors from FF7R. Giving an improved feel of concord between Reunion and the as-of-yet unfinished trilogy of Final Fantasy 7 remakes. However, whilst the usual story of Crisis Core stays compelling and captivating as a prequel. There are factors of the story that veer in the direction of the endearingly nonsensical taste of storytelling existing in some different Square Enix games. These moments don’t derail the story totally or anything. However awkward jokes, extraordinary obsessions with what it skill to be a monster, and every so often cringe-worthy talk do on occasion distract from the in any other case fun story.

Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion pushes the definition of a remasters to the edge. Renovating the 15-year-old PSP game’s graphics, combat, and more. That said, many of the format selections made for the handheld unique – like bite-sized facet missions and an abundance of loading displays – are left intact, maintaining this ride from feeling modern. But even with a few getting old quirks, Crisis Core stays a fun, compelling, and vital chapter in the ongoing Compilation of Final Fantasy 7, and Reunion is an excellent way to ride it.

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