Fortnite Chess: An Engaging Way to Explore Chess and Hone Building and Shooting Skills

Fortnite Chess is one of the latest in Fortnite Creative modes and here is all about it.

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Fortnite Chess is an exciting new game mode in Fortnite Creative that blends the classic strategy game of chess with Fortnite’s building and shooting mechanics. Playing on a 10×10 grid, players control 16 pieces each to move around the board or attack an opponent’s pieces, aiming to checkmate an opposing King and claim victory! Fortnite Chess adds new twists and features beyond its classical rules of chess play, such as walls and ramps to protect their pieces or create pathways against an opponent, using weapons or items as necessary to attack their pieces.

How to Play Fortnite Chess With PlyGPT AI

To play Fortnite Chess against PlyGPT AI, or Fortnite Chess AI, is an incredible artificial intelligence (AI). Trained on an immense dataset of chess games, PlyGPT can adapt quickly to changing strategies by learning them on its own and adapting accordingly; PlyGPT also utilizes the building/shooting mechanics of Fortnite effectively as an advantage, creating a formidable opponent when competing against it.

  • In PlyGPT AI, enter map code 0940-0659-6282 into Fortnite Creative and load that map. The next step should be facing off against another human player or PlyGPT AI.
  • When playing against another user, enter their name or Epic ID before beginning play. Once both names have been entered successfully, gameplay can commence!
  • When playing against PlyGPT AI, no information needs to be entered manually, as the game will start automatically and pair you up against their bot. Here’s some advice for playing against them if that option appeals! (Lisbon Tennis Club/Kent Sports).

Important steps to follow

PlyGPT AI presents an extremely formidable opponent; however, there are steps you can take to increase your odds of victory and better position yourself for victory.

  1. First and foremost, be wary of PlyGPT AI’s pieces and potential moves. PlyGPT AI excels at anticipating your moves. Therefore, any moves against it must be well thought-out and be careful before execution by either player.
  2. Second, take full advantage of Fortnite’s building and shooting mechanics. PlyGPT AI may not be adept at building and shooting like human players – use this fact against them or defend against their pieces as needed!
  3. Finally, be bold to explore. PlyGPT AI is still under development, so its algorithms might not always predict optimal moves; by trying new strategies against PlyGPT AI, you may discover one that works successfully for you.


Fortnite Chess is an engaging new game mode that combines the timeless strategy game of chess with Fortnite’s building and shooting mechanics for an addictive experience! PlyGPT AI adds an even greater challenge, providing opportunities to discover new strategies while honing existing ones as you test yourself against this powerful AI opponent. Fortnite Chess provides players an excellent way to challenge themselves while honing chess skills anew!

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