Version1 Valorant Roaster: Everything You Need To Know

Version1 Valorant Roaster
Version1 Valorant

Version1 Valorant Roaster: Version 1 is one of the best Valorant Teams in North America. Furthermore, they represented their region in the first official LAN event of Valorant. However, they lost it to Fnatic in the finals of Lower bracket and finished 3rd in the tournament. Currently, Version1 has a roaster of 5 players with one head coach in Valorant.

So, here’s all you need to know about the side Version1 of Valorant.

Version1 Valorant Roaster: Players, Stats And All You Need To Know

Version1 Valorant Roaster
Players and Coach of Version 1

Version1 is an organization owned by WISE Ventures, an investment fund in New York City. Furthermore, they acquired the Never Done squad in February 2021. The squad is considered one of the strongest and is currently ranked 5th in North America.

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Moreover, they made it into the VCT Masters North America by finishing 2nd in the Stage 2 finals. They lost the final against sentinels who later became the champions at VCT masters in Iceland.

The current roaster of Version1 Valorant consist of five players and Vanity leads the teams. So, let’s have a look at their stats and details:

  • Anthony Malaspina (Vanity): Omen
  • Loic Sauvageau (effys): Sage, Sova
  • Erik Penny (Penny): Sage, Raze, or Jett
  • Maxim Shepelev (Wippie): Killjoy, Viper
  • Brady Dever (thief): Phoneix, Reyna

Thief joined the team as a substitute for Zellsis. Additionally, Zellsis is now suspended by Riot for the VCT Stage 3.

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Recent Results of Valorant Version1 Roaster

version1 VCT Stage 3
All five players of Version1

Version1 lost their match to Pioneer in the lower bracket and are out of the VCT Stage 3 of North America. Earlier, they lost to 100 Thieves by 2-0 and were forced to compete in the lower bracket. Now, the journey of the Version1 roaster in Valorant Champions Tour Stage 3 is ended.

Stats of Version1 


  • Matches Played: 4
  • Won: 1
  • Lost: 3


  • Matches Played: 31
  • Won: 20
  • Lost: 11


  • Matches Played: 26
  • Won: 19
  • Lost: 7


  • Matches Played: 30
  • Won: 22
  • Lost: 8

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