SQ Bob Valorant: Stats, Agents, Everything You Need To Know

Bob is an Australian player who players for an American org named Soniqs. Here is a detailed article about Bob in Valorant.

SQ Bob Valorant
Bob With His Teammates

SQ Bob Valorant: Bob is a Valorant player who represents the American organization Susquehanna Soniqs. Moreover, he is famous for his Sova gameplay in Valorant and also uses Viper and Astra in competitive matches. Bob has won several B-Tier tournaments with Soniqs and recently he was found playing in the Valorant Champions Tour North America.

So, here are all the stats and his achievements in Valorant.

SQ Bob Valorant: Recent Matches, Stats And All You Need To Know

SQ Bob Valorant
Team Soniqs hired Exo clan

Bob “Bob” Tran is an Australian player who plays Valorant professionally. Furthermore, Bob used to play for team EXO Clan and later Susquehanna Soniqs hired the lineup in April 2021. Currently, Bob plays for sq in Valorant along with his teammates Crunchy, Iyen, dizzylife, and pl1xx.

In a recent match against Champions Sentinels, SQ failed to win and they are now out of the Valorant Champions Tour North America. Sentinels defeated the team SQ by 2-1 where bob collected 31 kills playing all three maps.

History in Valorant

Bob used to play for the EXO clan where he won several tournaments like First Strike Oceania and Rise of Valour. Moreover, the whole lineup of EXO was later hired by Susquehanna Soniqs including Bob. Later, his in-game in Valorant changed to SQ bob.

Bob is one of the key players of the team now and he mainly plays initiator or Controller agents in the game. In a recent match, they gave a tough competition to Champions Sentinels but failed to qualify.


Bob Stats in Valorant

Bob usually plays Sova or Viper and only a few times we saw him playing other agents like Astra. Here are some of his stats with agents:

Valorant Champions Tour North America is now ende
Agent Sova in Valorant
  1. Sova

  • Matches Played: 27
  • Average Combat Score: 196
  • KD: 0.96
  • Kills: 327
  • Deaths: 351

2. Viper

  • Matches Played: 21
  • Average Combat Score: 207
  • KD: 1.08
  • Kills: 284
  • Deaths: 264

3. Astra

  • Matches Played: 4
  • Average Combat Score: 206
  • KD: 1.28
  • Kills: 59
  • Deaths: 46

Bob is one of the key players for Sq in Valorant and he vowed that his team will come stronger in the upcoming tournaments. Furthermore, the Valorant Champions Tour North America is now ended for team Soniqs.

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