VCT EMEA Stage 2 Groups Announced

VCT EMEA Draw Show

VCT EMEA groups have been announced in the Groups Draw which was done on 8th April 2022. Fans were waiting for the groups as Stage 2 will be played between May 13th to June 27th. The tournament will be played between 12 teams with each group consisting of 6 teams. Teams with top points in the region have qualified for Stage 2 qualifiers.

The top 2 teams from each group at the end of qualifiers will qualify for the playoffs. Group A seems to be the death group with the top 4 teams stacked in the same groups. Group B consists more of underdogs, but it will be an interesting group with the performance of underdogs in VCT NA qualifiers.

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How Do The Groups Stand?

VCT EMEA groups
VCT EMEA Stage 2 Groups

The two pools of teams have been decided for the group stage of VCT EMEA Stage 2, which will begin on May 13.

New to the field is FOKUS, the VRL DACH champions who qualified via EMEA Promotion. BIG has returned after finishing second in the same series, while SuperMassive Blaze has been relegated.

The two groups for Stage 2 are:

Group A:

  •  G2 Esports
  •  Fnatic
  •  FunPlus Phoenix
  •  Acend
  •  FOKUS

Group B:

  •  Guild Esports
  •  Team Liquid
  •  M3 Champions
  •  Natus Vincere
  •  BBL Esports
  •  BIG

Fnatic has announced a new roster whereas G2 has added Ethan to their roster. FPX looked promising and had qualified for Rejkavic but couldn’t play due to visa issues. Acend on the other hand is the first VCT Champions Berlin 2021 Champions and will bring a lot into the group.

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Team Liquid played in Berlin in place of FunPlus Phoenix and gave a great competition to other teams and Guild Esports has been ever favorited because of their performance and team composition. M3 Champions had also qualified for VCT Berlin but were knocked out early.

Both groups look promising and have made some changes to their teams because of a reason or two. So will the changes bring in a great improvement or a disaster for the team? We can only wait and watch.

VCT EMEA Week 1 Schedule Has Been Announced

VCT EMEA Week 1 Schedule

EMEA Week 1 Schedule has been announced. With the tournament starting on the 13th of May, VCT EMEA Stage 2 will kick off with the match between BBL Esports and Natus Vincere (NAVI). It is a Group B match which will be followed by a Group A match OG LDN UTD (OGLU) vs ACEND. The second day will be Fnatic vs FunPlus Phoenix and Team Liquid vs BIG. The week will end with the matches between Guild Esports vs M3 Champions followed by G2 Esports vs FOCUS.

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It seems to be a promising start to the tournament with great match-ups in Week 1. We all are excited to watch what the tournament hold for the teams and viewers.

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