V1 Powers Back with Their Starting Lineup After Zellsis Joins Back

Valorant Player Zellsis Joins V1 Credit: Riot games

The pieces are starting to fall into place, just ahead of Riot Games‘ planned September announcement of the teams chosen for franchising next year.

Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro, who briefly played for Sentinels during the VCT NA Last Chance Qualifier, has left them.

Zellsis was able to join Sentinels on loan after V1 was unable to qualify for the LCQ this year. During the LCQ, he was one of the team’s most reliable players, switching between KAY/O and Neon.

Zellsis is officially back to Verison 1:

“Our goal is to put together the greatest possible lineup ahead of any franchising choices,” Version1 told Dot Esports. Jordan’s return is welcomed with enthusiasm. No other information was provided regarding his employment or position. Regarding Zellsis departure, Sentinels remains silent.

Although franchising is planned for next year, there is a clear path back up to tier-one competition from tier-two tournaments. Most teams are trying to re-sign or strengthen their lineups if they do not qualify for franchising, as it is still viable to compete at the highest level in VCT after franchising.

Prior to the NA LCQ, Sentinels added Zellsis and a well-known streamer shroud to their roster. Sentinels signed Tarik, perhaps the most popular VALORANT streamer, yesterday. The professional roster was first supposed to be his only role on the squad, but now that there is a vacancy there, fans are already speculating as to whether he will replace Zellsis.

The Sentinels have yet to make a formal announcement on who will replace Zellsis on the roster, but they will have some time to do so now that the season is over. They were eliminated from the NA LCQ event and will not compete in the VALORANT Champions 2022 tournament.

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V1 was one of the strongest candidates in VCT NA Stage 1. After a perfect 5-0 record in the group stage, but did not advance past the open qualifiers in Stage 2.

With a far more developed Tier 2 scene and a straight road to the highest level of Valorant for those who do not make franchising, more teams are said to be investigating how to enhance their lineups, including some who had previously quit the game.

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