Tarik Join Sentinels: Everything You Have To Know

Tarik Valorant
01 September 2021 Tarik(in pic), an ex-professional CS: GO player and now full-time content creator for Sentinels. Credits: Sentinels

Tariq is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who has been with VALORANT since the game’s beta release. He previously played for Complexity Gaming’s VALORANT roster and helped the team finish fifth to sixth at the North American VALORANT Ignition Series.

He will bring game and leadership expertise to the team, making him an excellent asset. In addition, he will be a fantastic content writer and may even become a professional VALORANT player for the Sentinels.

Since last year, when he left Evil Geniuses’ CS: GO lineup to focus on his full-time streamer and content producer work, Tarik has been out of the scene. However, he has over 2.2 million Twitch followers, making him one of the most popular choices among fans.


Tarik Join Sentinels

Superstar streamer Tarik Celik has been officially signed by North American esports organization Sentinels, joining a long list of other big names in recent months.

“Look, if I get the opportunity to substitute, I’m in. I’m down for it. If someone has a hand injury or isn’t feeling well, you can call me, and I’ll come out.

Tarik has been out of the esports scene since he decided to leave Evil Geniuses’ CS: GO roster in 2021 to focus on streaming full-time and creating content.

Tarik’s Statement

Sentinels recently released a recorded interview with Tarik, explaining how the partnership came to be and what fans can expect from the team in the future.

Tarik, 26, recently collaborated with Sentinels and explained how the match came to be in a brief video interview. He also stated what audiences could hope for from joining forces long-term. According to Tarik, he opted to sign because he shares many similarities with the American organization.

“By joining an organization, I’m able to keep growing my brand while working with others who have similar goals,” he said. “I think they are exceptional, and that is something that I love because it speaks to me.”

The content creator’s joining of the esports roster has certainly excited fans, considering his long record of success in similar games, including the E-league Boston Major with Cloud9 over four years ago.

While fans would love to see the streamer dabble in competitive play for Sentinels, it is not expected. However, 26-year-old Shroud has not ruled out the possibility of joining a pro roster in the future. He has millions of followers on Twitch and is seen by nearly 22,000 people weekly. Solidifying his position as one of the most well-known streamers on the purple platform.

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