Valorant Pro Scene Faces Uncertainty as Teams Drop Champions

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21/09/2023 | Valorant pro scene faces turmoil as teams exit and players consider pay cuts. Riot’s intervention is needed for a sustainable path-to-pro system. | Credits: Valorant

In recent weeks, Valorant pro scene has been marred by unexpected decisions from esports organizations, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the game’s competitive ecosystem. Two separate incidents involving The Guard and Evil Geniuses (EG) have raised questions about job security, pay cuts, and the viability of Valorant as a career path for aspiring pro players.

The Guard’s Sudden Exit from Valorant Pro Scene

The Guard, a rising Valorant team, was blindsided by its organization’s decision to exit the scene despite achieving the pinnacle of success by winning Ascension. The players learned of this decision through a Twitter announcement, leaving them scrambling to secure their spot in the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT). The situation raises concerns about the commitment of organizations to their teams, especially when success is achieved.

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Evil Geniuses’ Pay Cut Saga

Even more shocking was the news surrounding Evil Geniuses, the reigning world champions in Valorant. Players were reportedly informed that they would have to accept a “significant pay cut” to continue with the team. This revelation has stirred outrage within the community, as EG’s roster was already considered one of the cheapest in the league. Players find themselves in a predicament where their salaries do not reflect their achievements.

Impact on the Esports Ecosystem

These incidents not only tarnish Valorant’s reputation as an esport but also raise questions about the sustainability of the Valorant pro ecosystem. Esports organizations are scaling back their investments due to revenue not meeting expectations, which has led to abrupt exits and salary cuts. This poses a threat to the future of Valorant as a career choice for young talents.

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Riot’s Role in Valorant Pro Scene

The community calls for Riot Games, the developer and organizer of the Valorant esports scene, to intervene and address these issues. Riot has championed the path-to-pro system, which theoretically rewards dedicated players who rise through the ranks. However, the recent turn of events has left many players demoralized and uncertain about their futures.

The Path-to-Pro Dilemma

Aspiring Valorant pro players may be discouraged by the treatment of current top-tier players. The lack of protection and security in these situations raises concerns about the path-to-pro system’s effectiveness. Without adequate safeguards, the pipeline for new talent may dry up, affecting the competitive quality of Valorant.

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Valorant’s pro scene is at a crossroads, with the unexpected decisions of organizations creating turmoil and uncertainty. Riot Games must step in to protect the interests of players and ensure the game’s long-term viability as an esport. The path-to-pro system needs to be reevaluated to provide better support and security for aspiring pro players.

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