Valorant Premier Stage Introduces Major Quality-of-Life Improvements

Valorant Premier
25/10/2023 | Valorant Premier Stage Episode 7, Act 3 brings game-changing updates, including a practice queue, tactical timeouts, and playoff seeding, enhancing the competitive experience. | Credits: Valorant

The first season of Valorant Premier, known as Launch Stage, has concluded, and Riot Games is wasting no time in implementing significant enhancements to its competitive seasonal tournament. Starting with the next season, which coincides with the launch of Episode 7, Act 3, three notable quality-of-life improvements are set to invigorate the Premier experience for players. These changes include a practice queue, tactical timeouts, and a playoff seeding system designed to reward top-performing teams with more favourable matchups.

Valorant Premier Practice Queue: A Long-Awaited Feature

One of the most anticipated additions to the Premier experience is the practice queue. Premier players and teams have long yearned for an in-game practice capability to enhance their cohesion and teamwork. The ability to participate in practice sessions on select non-match days will empower teams to fine-tune their strategies and coordination. While the practice queue won’t be accessible at all times, its introduction is a significant step forward, addressing a longstanding request from the Premier community.

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Valorant Premier Tactical Timeouts: A Game-Changer

The addition of tactical timeouts is another game-changing feature that Premier players have eagerly anticipated. These timeouts provide teams with a valuable opportunity to regroup, strategize, and adapt during matches. Tactical timeouts have been a sought-after feature in the Valorant community, and their introduction to Premier will undoubtedly enhance the competitive experience. There is also hope that this feature will make its way to the standard competitive queue in the near future, further improving the overall player experience.

Valorant Premier Playoff Seeding: Rewarding Excellence

The introduction of playoff seeding is a significant addition to the Premier’s competitive structure. This system aims to reward the best-performing teams in a division by providing them with more favourable matchups in the playoffs. By implementing a fair seeding process, Premier will ensure that teams are pitted against opponents of similar skill levels, promoting intense and balanced competition.

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Valorant Premier: Additional Changes for Seasonal Tournaments

In addition to the aforementioned major improvements, Premier’s seasonal tournament mode will see several other notable changes in Episode Seven, Act Three. These changes include a one-and-a-half day enrollment period, allowing teams to join the tournament, a 15-minute seeding period to enhance matchmaking accuracy and the inclusion of Premier Crests. These crests serve as a symbol of a team’s performance and can be earned at the end of the season.


The upcoming Premier Stage E7A3 in Valorant promises to elevate the competitive experience to new heights. With the introduction of a practice queue, tactical timeouts, and a playoff seeding system, Premier players can expect a more refined and enjoyable tournament. Additionally, the various other improvements, including the enrollment period and Premier Crests, will further enhance the competitive atmosphere. As the Premier community eagerly awaits the launch of these updates, the future of competitive Valorant is looking brighter than ever.

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