Valorant Phoenix Agent: Abilities And How To Unlock

Know everything about Valorant's duelist Phoneix

Valorant Phoenix
Duelist agent Phoenix

Valorant Phoenix Agent: Riot’s Valorant was launched in 2020 and it has gained immense popularity since then. Players select agents and land on maps to take 5 vs 5 fights where a minimum of 13 rounds are necessary to secure the win.

Phoneix is a duelist agent of the game. To know more about the agent, read this article until the end.

Valorant Phoenix: Everything You Need To Know

There are a total of 17 agenst in Valorant and all are divided into four categories. These are Sentinels, Duelist, Controller, and Initiator. Phoenix lies in the Duelist category. The agent was one of the most picked agents in the initial days, as it has insane abilities.

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So, let’s have a look at his abilities.


Valorant Phoenix
Phoenix’s wall

Phoenix’s wall also named Blaze is a firewall that helps him to block the vision. However, players can walk through this wall after receiving a little damage. Moreover, Phoneix can heal himself in the firewall and it helps him to gain a maximum of 50 HP.

  • Cost: 200
  • Max Charges: 1
  • Duration: 8 seconds

Curve Ball

Phoenix was one of the rare agents in the initial days of Valorant who has the ability to flash. However, the developers launched new agents like Skye, Yoru, and KAYO which have more strong flash ability than Phoenix.

Phoneix’s curveball is not so effective as it lasts for only 1 second. Furthermore, players need to be quick in order to capitalize the flash.

  • Cost: 250
  • Max Charges: 2
  • Blind time: 1.1 seconds
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Hot Hands

The signature ability of Phoenix is called Hot hands in Valorant, or his molly. Enemies receive damage when they are in the hot hands and Phoenix can heal himself up to 50 HP. Furthermore, he is the only duelist agent which has the ability to heal himself. Reyna can also heal, but after getting a kill.

  • Cost: Free
  • Max Charges: 1 (regained by killing 2 players)
  • Duration: 4 seconds

How To Unlock?

If you’re new in Valorant, the game will unlock five agents for you. Most probably, Phoenix is unlocked for you when you start playing Valorant in the initial stages. In case, if it is not, you need to activate his contract and complete missions in order to unlock him.

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Step-1: Go to Agents

Step-2: Select Phoneix

Step-3: Click on Activate contract

Step-4: Now, complete missions until you reach level 5 and the agent is unlocked.

You can also spend Valorant points to unlock Phoenix in the game.

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