Upcoming Agent Nora Valorant: Abilities and Weapon Price Leaks

There will some exciting new changes as the new Episode is coming in Valorant. So, here what you need to know about the new agent Nora and many mre.

Nora Valorant
02/11/2023 | Valorant Episode 2 is ending, and leaks suggest a new agent named Nora Valorant. Learn about her potential abilities and rumoured weapon price adjustments in Valorant. | Credits: Valorant

Agent Nora Valorant Leaks: Episode 2 of Valorant is coming to an end, and we can witness a lot of changes before entering Episode 3. Moreover, there are also rumours about the price of guns, which is assumed to be dropping a bit.

We might also see a new agent named Nora. Although, the name is familiar and Cypher sometimes mentioned her while surviving on low hp. So, what will be her abilities and how good is she going to be?

What’s More Coming Other Than Agent Nora Valorant?

Nora Valorant
Cypher connection with Nora?

As we all know the new Episodes come with some good changes and new meta’s. Moreover, we can expect a new change in the Marshal Sniper. Although we might also see price drops for various guns.

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Β Nora Valorant: Future Adjustments to Weapon Prices

– Frenzy: 500 > 450
– Stinger : 1100 > 950
– Bucky: 900 > 850
– Judge: 1600 > 1850
– Bulldog: 2100 > 2050
– Guardian: 2400 > 2250
– Marshall: 1000 > 950
– Operator: 5000 > 4700
– Ares: 1600 > 1550

Recently, a post from Valorant Updates came up quoting Agent Nora in Valorant. The post says that as a member of the KINGDOM company, she is reasonable to know the truth about the parallel world. To take back the radiant from another earth, Nora stands up to join the fight.

Although, we saw a new map recently at the beginning of the 3rd Act of Episode 2. So, we will not be seeing a new map for now. Furthermore, it is almost confirmed by the leaks, that Agent Nora is coming to the Valorant and it will be interesting to know her abilities.

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Earlier, in the game, we heard Cypher calling her name and sayingΒ “Nora, I will see you again” When he survives with low HP, so Nora may be his wife or his significant other. So, this is getting excited right?

Moreover, there are 15 agents now in the game. Initially, there were 12 agents when launched. After that, Killjoy, Yoru, and Astra were launched and now Nora is coming to join the list. Although, it is more than 12 days since the third Act of the Episode ends, let’s see what more coming in the game.


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