City of Flowers is the New Map Teased by Valorant

City of Flowers
02/11/2022 | Valorant has teased a new map as the City of Flowers in Omega Earth. | Credits: Valorant

The ties between Valorant’s Alpha and Omega Earth weren’t continually pleasant. However, matters are getting heated now. Omega Legion has long passed off the radar in the FPS game. The main Viper speculates that something suspicious is underway. The second-in-command suspects that a misplaced metropolis is being activated. Dubbed the ‘City of Flowers’ through Harbor, which will probably be Valorant map nine.

Riot’s FPS lore centered on mirror verse was once constantly fascinating. However, the developer is now teasing a new multiverse concept. The cutting-edge Valorant patch 5.09 lore has published that Legion is now planning to prompt its city, which hyperlinks returned to Harbor’s home, India. Except, it’s in multiverse nexus, hinting at the presence of alternate dimensions.

“Brimstone, Astra, Killjoy, and I completed our analysis. We seemed at it a dozen unique approaches and it constantly comes returned the same. The City of Flowers on Omega is a multiverse nexus,” Harbor says.

City of Flowers

The city’s point out used to be first made by using Viper in an email, who observed Omega’s lack of public sightings a bit alarming. Later, Harbor validated that this misplaced town exists in the Alpha nexus and that activation would result in a disaster due to the lack of an object to take in the explosion. Harbor’s problem and a vicinity board propose that this supposed misplaced town is someplace in South Western India.

If the clues are accurate, Valorant map 9 would be set in India and may have a great trade of surroundings from Pearl’s gloomy weather. After all, it’s referred to as the City of Flowers. So it would in all likelihood be spring-themed with blue skies. According to Harbor, no one can give up the Legion from pulling the trigger, which ability a fall down is certain to happen. So, the subsequent area may resemble Fracture’s part-destructed layout.

But these are all speculations, as Viper has clarified that first mild makes it tough to ‘guess the site’s interplay.’ It’d be thrilling to see if Riot brings lower back the map gimmicks in the City of Flowers. Maybe thorny vegetation or speed-boosting grass? The probabilities in the multiverse are endless.

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